Tuesday, February 28, 2012


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and many, many more!!!
Enjoy your day

lots of love,
Robin and Lee

Sunday, February 26, 2012

~~~Coming To An End~~~

the weekend that is. We have had a fast and fun
Date night was fun and I will show you what I
found...or what found me that is...

First is this EARLY 1800's Virginia
Butter Worker...it's in mint shape and I just love
the patina of the wood.  I swear you can still
smell the butter on the paddle.

Next is the early 1800's bassinet.
I have some antique ticking that I will
be fashioning some make-do bedding.
The wood in this piece is awesome also.

Moving on is this great green chair.
I can see this on the buggy with grandmother
holding tight. This too is in great shape,
but I must say that it is a lot easier getting into it
then it is getting out of it!

 And last we have this great make-do rocker.
I purchased this in NC this past Monday from
Nan Brook Farm...
I love her booth, some amazing things!
I had to have this rocker...something was talking to me!
Great Job!!!

The last few days have been a blur...
getting ready for Knoxville...
 have gotten Cats and Carrots down to a fine art!!  lol
My last carrots were a little overdone...I am calling those
"fresh dug".  REAL DIRTY!!!!

Well friends, the buzzer is sounding so
I guess something in the kitchen is done, and
since I burned the bacon...yep to a black nasty crisp,
I better go check it.

Thank you for your visit to Millstone and have a
Blessed evening.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

just in time for spring!!
A few pics of the shop getting in the
"spring fling mode".
I like the "forever" tree...
yep it was bright white and i took a
little shoe polish to it.

this is the latest of boxes,
musical notes

I have been busy at the shop getting ready
for THE GATHERING in Knoxville.
I am so excited to be a part of this new show,
plus I have never been to TN. before
it will be our anniversary weekend!!  woohooo
12 years with my best friend!

Have a blessed night and a great tomorrow
THANK YOU for your visit.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

On My Honor....

...I will try to be a better blogger!!
Hello and good evening my friends...
I can still call you that...right?!!!

Date night was last night...
what a night!!...
Packed house
High prices
rescue sqaud called out
just a few goodies
but all and all a fun night.

This is one awesome handmade bowl...
see the handle?  All one piece

This is the greatest!
A child's Mennonite Prayer Bench
This is not from the auction, but I forgot to show you
earlier. They would keep this under the bed and before
going to sleep would pull this out and kneel down.

This is the rocker Lee is working on.
Covering it in early quilt with the best browns...
quilt date 1890=1901.

And this wonderful churn. It's not new,
just been re-done.

And I just deleated the wonderful early hooked rugs.
I will show them to you another day.

Be sure to check the side bar for the

Have a great evening
and THANK YOU for your visit.

Monday, February 13, 2012

What Fun We Had....

Some quick pics of our booth...
I wish they were better, but we had to completely
re-do our booth...long story.
Lee took the pics and he would have rather been shopping!

THANK YOU for coming out in the cold and wind to support
us...it means so much to both of us.

And a HUGE thanks to Donna and Linda for another
successful show.

Driving home was like playing dodge ball, except we
were dodging tree limbs and debris from the extreme
high winds. Lee did a fantastic job pulling that trailer...
I kept me eyes closed and my mouth shut!!

Thanks for you visit to Millstone...
have a blessed night and I will talk to you mid week.


Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Good News!!!

...The "Girls" and I are fine!!
Good to go for a year!!
Thank you for you e-mails and prayers of a
positive outcome, they truly
inspire me to
"Think Good Thoughts".

It helped going exploring yesterday with Lori...
I just LOVE getting her
"confused" on back country roads.
Thank you girlfriend for the laughs and good memories...
even if you did get all the

I came home with a stick. Truly!
Just could not find a lot to buy, the areas
pretty much picked over.
I am sure that there will be
this weekend at:
Winter In The Valley
Fishersville, VA

come check it out!!

Thanks for your visit.

Sunday, February 5, 2012


Well, it has ONLY taken me since 5 p.m. this afternoon
to upload these 2 pics...I had a couple more but
I got tired of waiting....
what the heck is wrong with blogger now?

So, had "date night" Friday night...almost
did not happen...
a nap and dinner almost got in the way.
and this is what I went for..

                                                Don't you love it? I did. old and primitive
just like me!!
Look at the wood hinge thing in the pic below.
Never has seen one like that.
Check out the fancy leg!!
This will be going with us to either
Tenn. or Gettysburg
I would rather be putting it in my home!!

Before I forget to mention it...the shop will
gotta go and get the "girls" checked out.
I pray that all is well on this check-up.

So, what's everyone up to this week?
I am on the final stretch before this weekends
Winter In The Valley Show
I will have the shop OPEN on FRIDAY
thanks to Anita!! She will be manning the
store front while Lee and I set-up,
so you will have to come see us at the show.

Have a blessed day and I will talk to you mid week.

Thanks for your visit.