Saturday, January 26, 2013

Some Favorites...


Hello friends...
I think I will survive this head cold after all.
Lee gave it to me...thoughtful of my dear sweet husband
wasn't it....NOT.
You have asked to see some of my home and here she is..

Just some shots from a few rooms...the cleaner ones...

You noticed that there were no kitchen shots!!
Not today friends...not today.

Had a small amount of snow...roads were awful..
cars were sideways...upside ditches.
I was so glad to see my street and even more excited to 
be snuggled down in front of a fire
with hubby and my babies.

Have a Blessed evening...

Sunday, January 13, 2013


Good evening friends.
Been in the home shop all day working on "stuff".

Still searching for:
Melanie Shepard and

the winners of my Pay-It-Forward.
Need your address ladies...don't want to skip you.

It was summer here today...then by weeks end it will be 40

Would love to have a little bit of the white stuff...
maybe in Feb.

Have a Great evening..

Sunday, January 6, 2013


Hello friends. Finally a chance to sit down for a few minutes.
Have some random pictures to share with you..

This is my big boy...
We got this sweet "little ball of fur"
from Donna Smith...
Thanks Donna??

This is Millstone's Courting Bench...
made from antique chairs...
and some old burlap.
Makes a great addition to a farm table...
3 extra seast!!

This is a little something that I bought for myself at
the auction last week. it. and best thing I got it for $25.00

Lee made me this make do chair as a Christmas gift and he did GOOD!!
Love the old blue 1800's quilt.
We usually sell out of them so he made me one
that I do not have to

Now for the game I did...
I need your address...please send me an e-mail with it!!
Do not want you not to get your gift!!!
Patti I sent you an e-mail
Dawn I will get yours
and Barbara thanks for giving me yours.
I hope you feel better.

Have a Blessed evening,

Friday, January 4, 2013

Good Evening...A Little Game

2013 Pay It Forward...
To the first five people that comment on this post you will receive
a gift from me at some point during the calendar year. No warning and when the mood strikes.
My gift may be a book, perhaps a candle and small trinket or maybe a
little handmade something.
Here is the catch....
I have my "Fab 5" on Face Book but thought it would be fun
to do it here also.

Have a Blessed evening...

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

****H--A--P--P--Y H--A--P--P--Y****

Happy New Year to YOU.
We just returned home from Date Night...
yep...I know it's not Friday night, but this
was the Annual New Years Auction...
and well...
We just couldn't think of a better way to spend the
first day of this amazing New Year.
I can remember when we all thought the world
was going to be going crazy when it was 2000
and now look...
I am not going to tell you that we have made resolutions...
we have...
but I will not let you in on them...just yet anyway.
See this way if we mess up you can't fuss at me!!
I truly hope (for all our sakes) that 2013 will
be an amazing year full of new endeavors...
Peace in this New Year to you and Yours,
May we all reach our goals and be the best we can truly be.