Tuesday, May 31, 2011

A Surprise For YOU!!

Hello friends, bet you are wondering what the heck that
surprise gift is huh!!!????
Well....it's for YOU!!!
I have had 300+ posts and would be honored to send you...
THANK YOU GIFT for your support, friendship and kindness.

Nope...not gonna tell you what will be in it....think about it...
It's a SURPRISE GIFT!!!!!!

Just leave me a comment on THIS POST ONLY!!!!!
I think I will have the drawing for the surprise gift

We are getting ready for Uncle Billy's Day this coming
weekend, the weather is suppose to be GREAT!!!
Since it's outside I was scared to death it would rain...
Well you know how MY luck runs...lol, but it will be
HOT. I can deal with that, just not being wet all weekend!!

My friends...thank you for your visit to Millstone today and do not forget
to leave a comment on this post only if you wish to be in the drawing for the free present!!!!!!!!!!!!


Friday, May 27, 2011

A New Low!!!!

Hi....How are you?? When I got home from the shop
yesterday my hubby..aka Lee..had lowered my bathroom ceiling
A LOT!!!!
This is THE SMALLEST bathroom on earth!!!
But it had a whopping 10 foot ceiling...a bit tall for me...soooo
this is what he did.  Old poplar board trimmed out with tobacco sticks.
He lowered it to 7.5 foot and I LOVE IT!!!! Please excuse the mess, he just kinda
threw stuff back in there and I have not had time to pick out new paint...or wood
for the walls yet.

Today he made the walls for the vendor tent...tore 'em down before I could get a picture.
They turned out really nice. Complete with an old window...perfect to hang some cheese
cloth from and maybe a sweet potato garland, I am looking forward to using the walls at Uncle Billy's Day.

Nothing much else is going on, just trying to wrap up some last minute stuff and making
sure everything is ready.

I want to thank my girlfriend Anita....she will be minding the store for me next Friday...
THANK YOU for your help.

Just a reminder that I will be CLOSED on MONDAY
and NEXT SATURDAY...please join me at Uncle Billy's Day!!
Have a Blessed evening,


Sunday, May 22, 2011

Missed Me??

....I have missed you!!! But I have also been a little busy making fences
and banners

Painting and stenciling colonial pantry boxes, covering journals, making door flags 
and covering extra small "pocket" books.

Things have just been a bit crazy the last few days!!
Our weather is still screwy, my mind has been going in a thousand
different directions and I am still very sore from the Chiro.
Are WE sure this is going to help??? 
I just want to feel GOOD again!!
I am not asking to feel like I am 20 again, heck at this point I would
settle on 40!!!!

Well friends... I think I am going to head off to bed...
Tinsley is telling me he is ready to go, Eli is patiently waiting to ambush the
first one to the steps and Lee has started to turn things off....
Yep, it's time!!!

Thank you for your visit...until next time....

Thursday, May 19, 2011


....with HELP!! Good Morning. Yes sir I did survive my visit yesterday...
can't move today but at least I am alive to talk about it.
These little gems have been a life saver for me!!!! But I have to admit
I am just sooooo sore, and he said I would be...
I actually have a rib out of place, trust me it hurts just like you think it would.
But, he said he would have me all fixed up in about a week.
AND....last night was the FIRST time I did not use more than one pillow...
My neck feels soooooo much better! woohoooo!!!!

I am going to live....I think.  I go back tomorrow if I can stand it.

Thank you all for the orders of the Keeping Cloth Swags...I thought you would like them.
I will be placing another order for them the first of next week!!

The shop HAS FINALLY received all the new Prim Magazines!!!!
Do Not Forget to stop by and get yours before they are all GONE!!

My friends...THANK YOU for your time and your visit to Millstone
Please do come back and sit a spell when you have the chance.

Have a BLESSED Day,

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

It's NEW!!!...........

......The KEEPING CLOTH is HERE!!!!
I just LOVE this!  Swags, table topper, home accent...
just about anything you want!
I have chosen to carry the black and red stars for now.
I will probably carry the brown star at a later date.
This stuff is FUN! Kinda a cross between cheese cloth and tobacco cloth...
that has already been aged!!

So...whatcha doin?  I am SICK of rain!!!!  It teases me with 2 seconds
of sun...and then a down pour hits. I am beginning to mildew!
I am working on inventory for the next festival in a few weeks.
Today I will be playing in wax and glue!!

Tomorrow I go to the Chiropractor....have NEVER been before, kinda scared.
Pinched nerve, stiff neck and general pain in the arms....
Have ANYONE out there been before.....whats it like????
Will he hurt me???
Lee is making me the Guinna pig...he says if I survive he will go....

Thank you for your visit to Millstone and please come back.
Have a Blessed Day

Saturday, May 14, 2011

I Finally Got IT!!!!

...my "NEW" screen door at my pantry opening.We looked for a long time for a "plain ole door" and finally found one that we liked...Lee put this up for me today while I was at the shop...of course I HAD to make the banner for it.

Excuse the mess, I was soooo excited to get it I quickly took the picture before cleaning.

So, how was your Saturday? Anything exciting happen? Other than the door not much has happened around here either.

Tomorrow we are heading out to Lori and Peter's for a nice relaxing dinner.....
Can Not Wait!!!!!!
Maybe by then the traffic will be all gone...4 colleges had graduation this weekend and that put an estimated 10+thousand people in our town this weekend! Great for restaurant owners, bad for us drivers!!

Have a blessed Sunday and thank you kindly for stopping by, please do come back.


Thursday, May 12, 2011

Go Ahead Blame It On......

ME!!!!!! Yep it's true...I did it. I hid the internet card, but WHO

could be mad at THIS face????

Hi Folks, how are you? Well it's true, Eli "took" my internet card and

I had one heck of a time trying to find out exactly where he finally

got tired of playing with it....I finally found it under the t.v. cabinet.

But like he said...with that face "ya gotta love him"!

So, here is the little pie safe that Lee made the other day...

made out of old rough cut poplar. He accented it with ole rusty tin.

There is a new show coming!!!!!!

It will be the same weekend as Simple Goods in Ohio...

Donna has not thought of the name yet, my idea was...

Traditions. She added Country so it may be

Country Traditions!

Will let you know all the info as soon as I know it!!

Well I am back to work...pouring up soap, wax melts and making

stack boxes!!

Loafer Mountain Primitives is BACK!!! WOOOHOOO

Tisha is a riot! The antics of Skippy will leave you in stitches! And what she does

with a snowman are GREAT!!!


Thank you for your phone call...that made my day!

Friends...thank you for your visit to Millstone, please come back!

Have a Blesed day,


Monday, May 9, 2011

More Banners..

...and a BIG THANK YOU to Lori for blogger help!!

Finally, I know (?) what I am doing on this thing.

Soooo...the newest banners for your door, wreath, walls

or wherever you want
This is short and sweet as my battery is running very low and I forgot the

power cord for the computer.

Have a blessed day and thank you for your visit...

tomorrow Lee's little pie safe!!


Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day.........

I hope that you have had a wonderful Mother's Day!!!
Lee took me to the big antique show in Fishersville for Mother's Day...
the day started with breakfast at Mickey D's and a very pleasant drive over
Afton Mountain.  The dealers were light, but I figured with this being
Mother's Day it would be. But what was there was awesome....and the above
pictures is what he bought me for Mom's Day!!
This is from Cobb's Plantation in VA....the Lee's Estate
and is estimated to have been built in the late 1700's to very early 1800's,
possibly by the slaves on the plantation.
Yep, it was love at first sight for me. I feel very honored to be the keeper
of this piece for a while.

Sooo, now I am off to the home shop to get some stuff inventoried in
and maybe do some work...but after all the walking we did today I am
Oh yeah...he took me to dinner also...Gavin's in Waynesboro...
EXCELLENT!  We have been there before and really liked it so
that is where we chose to eat dinner tonight.
Well worth the trip to go there....great steaks and food bar!

My friends...thank you for your visit to Millstone and please come back.
Have a blessed evening,

Friday, May 6, 2011

Introducing.....A New Door Flag

Good evening...I HATE this new blogger
I just can't figure it out!!!  Anyway...this is my new Door Flag....complete with these "wonderful" grommets.  Just hang with the safety pins and you are all set.  Just think....you saw them here first!!!!!  Hopefully I will be able to get a few more made by Uncle Billy's Day, which is just a few short weeks away!

The shop has been busy, which is a good thing!!  I am trying really hard to get caught up from the two weekends away, do you have problems getting caught up??

On this Mother's Day weekend I want to wish all of the Mom's a very very
Happy Mother's Day!!!!   I asked for a trip to Fishersville and that is where Lee is taking me Sunday...LARGE antique show there this weekend....Hey Guys...save some good stuff for me...I can't get there till Sunday...unless I close the shop tomorrow....mmmmm....NO I will be open.  

Have a great evening and I will show you what we got at Date Night later this weekend, I tried to spend less and have more for Sunday.

Have a beautiful Saturday....and THANK YOU for your visit to Millstone.


Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Almost Too Late...

 To show off my flowers...bushes.  They were so pretty when they first bloomed.

I am getting the shop in some kind of order and working on banners today!
The new ones will be Sweet Annie, Buttery, Wool and Crow Gathering....
Hopefully I will show some pics by the end of the week.

So my friends what are you doing this fine day....
wish I had more sun than clouds out my window
But it is WARM!!!!
Hopefully we will not get any strong storms this evening,
our weather is not looking all that great!! I guess we will have to batten down the hatches again!

Hope you are safe and well.
Thanks for your visit and please come sit a spell any time.


Sunday, May 1, 2011

If I Only Had A Brain....

isn't that what the scarecrow said in the Wizard of Oz????
OMG I feel like a nut...I really did not take any pictures..I so
do apologize.

So with that said I would like to thank Cecilia for a wonderful
show and a fantastic meal on Friday.
It was so nice to see all of our old friends and it was
a pleasure to meet new friends...looking forward to seeing you again
this fall.

I am so glad to be home for a while now and the pups are very
glad we are back.  The staff at the vets was sooooo happy that
Eli was not going to board this time....that in itself is a whole other story!
He did the Home Alone thing....and he was just fine!

I have got much to do this week at the shop, you should see my van!!
It all has to go to the shop...so I have my work cut out for me.

Final news...I was asked to be a vendor at The Walker Homestead Show..Simple Treasure From The Past
in the summer. I am thinking that I will be making the
trip next year for the fall show.  I would love to see that far north
and we will use it as a mini vacation.  I have started thinking about
it already and looking at the period clothes...can you see Lee in knickers??!!!
They dress with the period...I think it sounds like fun!

Have a Blessed evening and thank you for stopping by Millstone
and please come back.