Saturday, February 18, 2012

On My Honor....

...I will try to be a better blogger!!
Hello and good evening my friends...
I can still call you that...right?!!!

Date night was last night...
what a night!!...
Packed house
High prices
rescue sqaud called out
just a few goodies
but all and all a fun night.

This is one awesome handmade bowl...
see the handle?  All one piece

This is the greatest!
A child's Mennonite Prayer Bench
This is not from the auction, but I forgot to show you
earlier. They would keep this under the bed and before
going to sleep would pull this out and kneel down.

This is the rocker Lee is working on.
Covering it in early quilt with the best browns...
quilt date 1890=1901.

And this wonderful churn. It's not new,
just been re-done.

And I just deleated the wonderful early hooked rugs.
I will show them to you another day.

Be sure to check the side bar for the

Have a great evening
and THANK YOU for your visit.


  1. Wonderful goodies!!!
    I really like that prayer bench!
    Thanks for sharing!
    Prim Blessings

  2. What great new wares! I especially love the kneeling bench and the bowl, both so unusual. Are you going to have them at the Knoxville show? Talked to Connie and she is going to look you up as soon as she gets there on Friday night. Talk soon, Dawn

  3. Robin, I love the handmade bowl. That is a very special piece. The bench and chair are wonderful too. Thanks for sharing. -Steph-

  4. Robin, I love love love!!! that pray bench! Oh MY!!!! Are you selling it? OLM

  5. Ok...I'm not going to drive you nutty batty by commenting on each and every post as I play catch-up here - but had to comment on that amazing bench...You ARE keeping that aren't you??? What an amazing piece! Smiles & Envious Hugs ~ Robin