Thursday, July 29, 2010

How It All Began

I was asked at the show how I got started doing what I am doing...took me until last night to figure it out. I guess about 4 years ago, Lee and I were in the basement piddlin' and just goofing off. We started working with some wood and what turned out was a countertop keeping bin. I loved holds small needful items like enamel ware and jars and such. Sooo, we made another one along with some other small items. I came up with Prim cute...I am trying to make some more now, I have sold roughly 100 of them. Anyhow, like I said we were just goofin' off and Lee suggested that I do the Sorghum Festival. This is a small festival in Clifford, about 20 minutes from the house. I signed up to do it, gathered all of our handmades, mind you it was mostly wood smalls and some furniture. Talk about the nerves!! I was sooo nervous. Here I was in my mid-late 40's doin' my first show...what was I thinking?? Most people start this stuff a lot earlier in life. We got it all set up and left. When we returned in the morning some of my stuff was a'missin'. Ladies had shopped after we left and had "their" stash in the back room. Now mind ya this is a 2 day show. Well, by the time Saturday afternoon was over, we had hardly nothin' left. So I came on home and grabbed some antiques that were here...nuttin' fancy just some items so have displayed...and they too sold. Sooo, we figured to expand to another show. The Apple Festival...still a local show. WOW! That to is a 2 day show and by Sunday we had one small box to pack and come home. Now ya know how we got started doin this. And it has trial and many many errors!! I got my first sewing machine 2 years this is a girl who flunked sewing in home ec. class. I received many lessons from cousin Lynette over the phone and via e-mail, and today I am still learning!! My collection of patterns tops 'prolly somewheres between 75-100. Have I made them all up you ask. Well, But I have them when I want them. This has become a wonderful learning and creating experience for Lee and I and it is a way for us to spend quality time together. He has been at all my shows over the last 4 years and without him to carry the big stuff...and packages when I shop...I would have been lost. I used to go under the name of Prim and Proper Antiques and Originals...but today we are Millstone Mercantile...Peddlin' Antiques, Primitive Wares and Needful Goods (our logo). I am officially known as the troll that lives in the basement...and to hear Lee tell it..he lets me out only on special meal time. So, now we do somewhere between 5-7 shows a year and have a shop...or booth I should say, and if you read yesterdays post you know that soon I will also be at Notforgotten Farm. We stay pretty busy, I run this business and Lee runs the construction business, sometimes the two cross each other, but for the most part we manage to keep 'em separate. (Just never know who to charge the lumber to!!)... That's how it all began.

Well, my friends, the troll is off to the home lots to do and while he is in Bedford painting I may just get it done!

Have a great day...blessings to you.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Old Tool Boxes, Cookie Cutters...And BIG News

It was love at first sight!! Love the old tool boxes or seed boxes. And the BIG chippy green tool box...oh my! The cookie cutters were found in the Ohio Valley Amish country. I must have 5 or 6 of the old caddies, but I think this one is my favorite. It has been in every corner, nook and crannie of the home I think. Now it sits on the old green box in front of the fireplace in the Gathering Room.
Anyhoo...whatcha doin' today. Crafting, cleaning or just nothin'? I am going for a haircut!!! I am counting down the hours until my appointment...cause right now I am scary lookin'! After my haircut I always feel like have lost about 10 pounds and look years younger. I know though I have not but it's still fun to think that way. Makes getting older easier!
Spent most of yesterday in the homeshop, I managed to get right much accomplished. Nooo I did not get it organized...don't they say that not being organized is a sign of great things??? If that's true...I have it made!
Going tomorrow to paint my little corner of the world...the booth at Bell's Treasures in Bedford. Lee said he wanted to take up some of the bigger pieces of furniture with us...great now I have to paint and NOT get it on the furniture...I can do it.
I guess you are waiting for the BIG news huh? Drum roll please...I am teaming up with
Lori...Notforgotten Farm...and TOGETHER we hope to blaze new trials. We have sooo much in our we just have to pull it all together (some days that is easier said then done) Lori, I am sooo looking forward to this new chapter in our lives, we CAN do this girlfriend. I know in my heart that this will work and that the shop will be awesome!! (primitive heaven) Please wish us luck!! But first things first...gotta go get my hair cut!!
Talk to you later,
Blessings from Virginia,

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Buggy Ride Anyone?

Good morning to ya!! We have been looking for a buggy seat for a while now and I finally found one I could afford this past weekend. This is actually what I gave Lee for his birthday. I know you are asking where I am going to put it...I am thinking at the foot of our bed. I also bought an old coverlette that I think I will throw on whatcha think? I forgot to take a picture of the throw, but it blue and cream...I am not much on the velvet. Lee thinks I should keep it that way...but I figure if I put the throw on it I can hide most of the velvet. Anyway, we are happy with it.
Justin came for dinner last night and we really had an enjoyable time. My parents came for cake and they got along nicely. It was really the first time they had met.
Oh is RAINING here...cats and dogs to be exact!!!
Of course I need to go out today, but I will NOT complain about getting wet! We need this so bad, you can almost here the plants drinking it all in. Of course my little Tinsley was not real thrilled to get wet this morning...he hates to get his feet wet.
Today, like I said is a few errands and then it is inventory all day. YUK!! I hate to do that. But I have to get it all done so I can take a load up to Bell's this weekend....maybe. I really need to clean the home shop...kinda looks like the Tazmanian Devil had a field day down there!! I do not know where anything is or what I have down there. You know how it is when you go shopping and you just kinda drop it where you stand...well that is pretty much what happened when we unloaded is everywhere!!
Well friends, I am going to the back porch to see and listen to this strange stuff that is falling from the sky...and drink ONE more cuppa coffee before I start my day.
Have a good one...until next time

Monday, July 26, 2010

Be Happy...With Sunflowers

Be HAPPY!!! Don'tcha just love sunflowers? I do...they remind me of
cool fall lazy days! Of which is still FAR away! They had these beauties at the store
yesterday and they screamed to me...LOOK BUY ME! So of course I did.
Today, for me is catchup day...floors to clean, laundry to wash and you know the rest.
I have kinda neglected to the homestead...been sorta busy creating instead!! Which by the way is sooo much funner than laundry!! I still can't figure out how 2 people can create so much laundry...I still say my animals play dress up while we are away!! I am cooking dinner tonight for Lee's birthday. On the menu is chicken in gravy, mashed potatoes, green peas and birthday cake. Sounds pretty good, huh? It is!!! Of course I will take out ALL of the calories before it is served!!lol
Today he is starting the new shop in Bedford. I am looking forward to settling in and having a home for Millstone. Of course I am still looking to have another one closer to home, but we shall see what transpires in the future, you just never know what the future will hold, that's what makes it so exciting. I know I am not looking forward to packing and moving...the furniture is heavy and I have a lot of it!! My poor back!!!
Well my friends, it is that time...I hear the mop calling my name...the sooner I finish the sooner
I can get to the home shop for some creating and cleaning up one huge mess!!! But that is another story in itself!!
Have a blessed and happy day...just think sunflowers!

Sunday, July 25, 2010


Before I begin...Thank You to EVERYONE who made Millstone's show a huge success.
Without you and your support I could not have done it. Now.....
WHAT FUN WE HAD!!! It was so nice to see everyone and meet so many new people. I can't begin to tell you what all we chair pads are now at home in Washington, DC, needlepunches will have new homes all over as they will be used for Christmas gifts and my eagle is going to war. A very proud mama bought him for her son and he is headed into battle. I feel very honored. There were sooo many people that braved the 108 (heat index) heat to lend their support for this great show.
For those that know me personally, you know now why I always say bring a bib!! I drooled a bunch at some of the fine antiques that I saw. Bucket benches, stepbacks, stools.....and the list continues. And the hand made items...oh! what wonderful artisans.
My friend Robin came up and she was in heaven. I really don't think she new where to begin and I truly think she would still be there if it were not for the show ending!!!!...Love ya Robin and thanks for your support!!!!!
My very bestest of voted best booth!!! Way to go girlfriend!! Enjoy your chicken and dumplings at Cracker Barrell....and peanut butter pie!!!
Tomorrow is Lee's birthday and Justin will be coming for dinner. He saw his cake today and wants a piece sooo bad. NOOOO. Yeah yeah I bought it at the store today, my name is not Betty Crocker ya know!!
And then Tuesday it is off to the home shop to start working on the next show....Lori's... Gathering Of Primitive Friends. Can't wait, we have a lot of fun with this show and it's outside!!! Just pray for no rain!!(I can't believe I said that) Speaking of rain...we had almost 100percent chance here this clouds no where in sight...nada zilch no leaves turning over NOTHING!
Well my blessed friends, have a great Sunday evening...
Until next time

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Bloom Where You Are Planted or Transplanted

Our good friends Lori and Peter gave us this Rose of Sharon on their last visit. Lee carefully planted it and it LIVED!!
We don't always have the bestest luck with plants, but we managed on this one.
I have come to the conclusion over the last few days that you just never know what will survive.
In my case it is a relationship. I know you have heard that some people come into your life for a reason, a season or a lifetime. Pretty much since Monday I have become the proud step-mom to Lee's son. They are building their relationship after 12 years apart. This time he will be here for a lifetime. They have much catching up to do and so far are off to a wonderful start. Keep in mind he is now 26 years old. After many years my husband now seems complete and I could not be more proud of him. We are both very glad to have him in our lives.
Enough of the mushy stuff...I am officially ready for the show...well sorta. Just gotta get Little Bit packed up and finish 2 small items and then we will be ready to roll in the morning. Looking so forward to seeing everyone again
Hope that you can join us for Summer In The Valley on Saturday.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Mornin', or I guess I really be sayin' afternoon to ya. I don't know 'bout y'all but where I come from it is HOT. I guess that is why I am feelin' so slow and sluggish. My get up and go got up and left! There are things that I really should be doing but the energy level is just not happening. Lee and I worked in the home shop last night and we actually are READY to pack up "Little Bit"...our trailer and travel to the show. We call her Little Bit 'cause we can get a little bit more in there. She is cute though, found her at Lowe's and she fits behind our Jeep. I wish I some long tale to tell ya, but I don't. Life has been pretty plain round here, but I guess that is a good thing.
I am headed to the home shop, got a few last minute things to finish up and I have started working on the next 3 shows that are on the schedule. My friends, have a very blessed day and if you are in the heat, please be careful.
Until next time...wishing you much success and happiness

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Getting Ready

Howdy!! I have recovered from our family reunion...I think. We did have a lot of fun!! Just very glad to be back in my own bed. A few things that I will be traveling with to Fishersville along with a pie safe, tables, linens and other vintage and antique finds. I am so looking forward to the "show season". We are still busy in the home shop building and creating. We start our little shop at Bell's Treasures next week and hopefully we will have that up and going in a few weeks. So for now we are pretty busy, but it's all good. Being busy occupies the mind.
The puppies are really glad to be home, they have pretty much slept since Sunday afternoon. We did find out that Sassy has a very slight heart murmur, but nothing to worry about.
Have drawn up a couple more patterns, hopefully to be released soon. My friends, there is much packing and sorting to do...but before I go...did you know that cotton candy was first invented
in 1897 and was first called Fairy Floss? I just think that name is toooo cute.
Have a blessed and meaningful day.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Home Away From Home

Hello. Below is my home away from home for the weekend. I love these little cabins.

We have rented this for the last 4 years and for the weekend it is "home". I feel very lucky today to have a.c., it humid but not very hot. I guess this year we have around 50 people. Later today we will have the big family meal...everyone brings a dish or two and talk about good food!!! After dinner we have the auction. Every household makes an item to be auctioned off to the highest bidder...I get my auction fix!! We have everything from furniture to stepping stones made by the smallest little feet. The money raised is used to put flowers on deceased family members graves, crafts for the kids, and to keep up the web site and we even have scholarship money given to the next one entering college. This is truly the spirit of family. We have each others back so to speak. I am very blessed to call my husbands family mine also. They took me in 10 years ago and have loved and stood beside me ever since. This means a lot when you come from being an only child. I just never new families could be so big, not to mention they have been doing this for about 45 years. Some of the older ones say they have been doing it longer. The age range is between not yet born...8 months preggers...1 year up to 85. Well, I better go check dinner. I am taking Tailgate Potatoes and BQ Chicken. I will give you the recipe for the potatoes soon. These are awesome and sooo easy.
Back to the Family.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Me..High Tech..Imagine That

Me...high tech...the girl who is scared to death of a computer!! As you can see I finally bit the bullet and bought one of these newfangled things. It's so purty, I can't even bring myself to take off the plastic that is somehow super glued to the darn thing. I sure do wish household plastic wrap worked as good as what they have on this computer to protect it, But in all probably does need to be protected...from ME! There have been several times in the last couple of days that I have seriously wanted to throw the darn thing out the window!! But like all women...I WILL NOT let it get the best of me...yet.
I really missed going "hookin'" with the girls yesterday. We all "hook" so well together! Lee loves it when I say I am going hooking. He just asks that I bring home lots of money! LOL I had to stay home and work in the home shop and try to get things finished up for the show next weekend!! YEAH I enjoy Donna and Linda's much eye candy. I need to hit the lottery and buy a u-haul to bring all I see and want home! Of course I have no where to put ANYTHING does not stop me from wanting to have it. I did manage to get a lot accomplished...well between trying out this new thing...I did get stuff stained, painted, stuffed and sewn.
Well...this weekend is Lee's family reunion...yee hah! With the burn ban we have here I imagine it will be a pretty dark campground! We have a cabin with a.c. and a bathroom!! So yepper I will be taking some needle punch with me! And my new Country Sampler to look at. And my new Country Home...I won't get bored!!
Well friends, I am off to the store and to get things packed up for a "Fun Filled Weekend"? It will be nice to see everyone, they usually have about 60 people show up for the whole weekend.
I will try this thing out in the woods...hopefully I will talk to you Saturday...we shall see.
Many Blessings to you and yours.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

A New Toy???

Hello and good evening. I know it's late...bought a new computer yesterday and I really know nothing about it...ya know you can't teach an old dog new tricks!! There wasn't even an instruction manual, heaven help me! So, I thought I would post some ramblings to see if I could figure out what to do. I do finally have high speed...on a card. Ya know I live in the boonies and we will never have regular high speed here, or so they say. But I must admit, this is pretty cool. Now if I can figure out how to put a picture on this it will be wonderful. Well my friends, it's late and I am tired of fighting this THING tonight. Maybe one day it will be my friend. Will talk to you later, I am taking it with me to the family reunion this weekend...gonna see if it works in the woods. Thank you to all who purchased the new pattern.
Many Blessings and please send all kind thought this way...before I toss this thing out the window.


Sunday, July 11, 2010

For Sale: Needle Punch Pattern

Good afternoon. Hope all is well with everyone. Here is my first pattern listed for sale.
This is the first of "Past Tyme Toys". When complete it will be about 9-9 1/2 inches round.
I have mine tacked to the wall right now, I will be finishing it up hopefully this week. The pattern is $8.00 plus a small travel fee. If interested please e-mail me and in the subject line include needle punch pattern. You will get full black and white copy of pattern plus the colors that I used, but this only a suggestion, you may choose to use different colors. Please feel free to punch this, hook it or just stitch it. I am very excited about this pattern and believe it or not, there are more on the way. And yes, there is a copyright to this pattern!!
O.K. so, yesterday I totally surprised my father with family. I had a cookout for him and his first cousins that he has not seen in YEARS! For that matter, neither had I. Such fun we had! It was really great to see everyone...and yep, he shed a tear when he walked in and saw everyone here. It was really hard to not tell him who was going to be here, I just told him same old people. He was not expecting who was here. Maybe it won't be so long before we see each other again.
O.K....again...this morning while sitting on front porch rocking in the breeze, my mulch MOVED! I thought I was going nuts. I kept looking making sure no one was watching me stare at my mulch...and it moved again...needless to say I high tailed it inside. I guess I have watched tooo many movies...I think we have a little mole or vole, but it was just really looked like it was breathing. Of course when hubby returned I told him about guessed it...nothing. No movement, no nothin', I guess he thinks I am nuts. But honey.."I swear it moved". I just got one of THOSE know the Yeah Right look. Oh well, I KNOW it moved and that is all that matters.
Enjoy your day, and would someone please send rain this way. Not even with a 60 percent chance do we get any.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Sneak Peak

Good morning. Offering a sneak peak of a couple of new items for the first show. These are Millstone's design of spoon holders. They are not that bright, I think it must be the lighting.
I have sign in my home that reads...
"Cherish Yesterday...Dream Tomorrow...Live Today"
For some reason today that has really hit home. I don't know if it is the upcoming family reunions, the time of year or I am just feeling sentimental today.
I dearly cherish yesterday and all of her mother, my son and even the mistakes I have made because from them I have grown.
I dream of tomorrow...a new home for Millstone, to build a simple log cabin in the woods and the new adventures to come. Without something to dream of we can set no goals.
And I do live today...I am so thankful to be here, even though my life may not be "perfect" to some, it's wonderful to me. Today I will reach a goal, remember the past and dream of things to come...sounds perfect to me!!
The patterns are printed for the Past Tyme Toys series, just waiting for snail mail!
I hope today is filled with much happiness, kind thoughts and many blessings.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Hide and Seek

Can you see em'? There in the picture..very faintly. They are suppose

to be the Blue Ridge Mtns. And this is a close up!! It is soooo hot and hazy here today that you can't even find the mountains. Look at the brown grass in the pasture...we NEED rain so bad. But all they call for is a shower...maybe. I can't even get cool inside just knowing how hot it is outside!! The puppies don't even want to go out.
The house is clean...or as clean as I am doin' it anyway. All that's left are bathrooms and to mop all the floors but I figure I'll wait till Saturday morning for that. Ya KNOW I have a husband and we all know the damage they can do to a bathroom and they never wipe their feet so I figure I might as well wait to do those things.
On a happy note...the horse needlepunch is done and it will be made into a pattern soon. It will be a series of patterns called "Past Tyme Toys". Not sure how many will be in the series...maybe 3 or 4. I will post him soon, waiting for the papers to come in on him. This will be my first copyright!! As of now, I am not selling the original, but will punch special orders if needed. I hope you all will enjoy him when you see him.
Have an enjoyable week and will talk to you later.
Keep cool...think snow!! lol
Happiness and Blessings from Me to You

Sunday, July 4, 2010

A Beautiful Gift

Look at this beautiful candle stick Lori (Notforgotetn Farm) brought me back
from her travels up north. I just LOVE IT...right now I am gathering up the candles for it. Can't you see it with some fresh greens at Christmas and some orange pods in the fall? Can't wait to decorate it, but first the candles.
I have a gathering coming this coming weekend. We were out of town for Father's Day so I have invited my Father's cousins ...that he has not seen in our house for a cookout. He knows nothing about this, it is a surprise for him. I guess my gift to him for a belated Father's Day is the gift of family. Also in attendance will be aunt's and uncle's. I am very excited to have this side of the family has been about 11 years since we have seen each other. I will not be posting everyday this week as MUCH cleaning needs to be done.
Then, the next weekend is my husbands 47th Family Reunion. This is a 3-4 day event. We will not be going until Friday. Last year we stayed from Wed-Sun, but because of the show the next weekend, this year will only be Fri and Sat night. It actually is a lot of fun. We generally have about 55-60 people descend on the campground. And trust me, there is NEVER a dull moment.
Before I forget...HAPPY 4th OF JULY...LET FREEDOM RING...until they all come home
Have a safe and Happy 4th.
Blessings and will talk to you mid week.

Friday, July 2, 2010

Playing Favorites

Happy Friday and Good Morning to you. I hope you are off to a great start to a long weekend!! I have decided to stay close to home this weekend and clean, company's coming on the 10th and I have put it off long enough. Some of you have asked for a picture of some pieces in my home. These are my favorites, or a couple of them anyway.The red stepback dry sink is late 1700's and is out of PA. She stands in the kitchen, which will be de-cluttered when I clean.
This big ole cabinet had a base at one time, or sat on another piece of furniture. But I hung her in the den. Yes I know I need some pictures on the wall, just can't find any I like. Plus I hate the color I painted the walls. Excuse the mess beside it, that little area is the office, which needs to be straightened up!! I love painted furniture but can't seem to find a lot of it down this way.
I am still on the hunt for a cabinet to put in the room that was once my dining room. Maybe one day I will find one.
I caught the mouse!!! I do a catch and release program here, and he has safely been put back outside where he belongs. He has (had) been terrorizing my home shop...eating candle wax and glue and leaving his tell tale signs everywhere. I did re-set the trap cause I figure with all the signs that there has got to be more that one. No little critter goes THAT much. We shall see. So guess what I get to do tonight??? Yepper...clean up all the nooks and crannies of the shop. What fun.
I had lunch with Donna (Southern Star Antiques) yesterday at her house. What a beautiful home she has and filled to the brim with all the things I like. I got my fill of eye candy. Her chicken salad and deviled eggs were great. I really enjoyed my visit, she is such a sweet lady. (Donna is one of the sponsors for the upcoming show in Fishersville) I went to go and get the fliers and cards to put 'round town.
O.K., gotta go and open up the shop. Today is sewing day up there as I have brought everything else home!! Hopefully this weekend I will get the chance to pour up some soap...yes Donna I will make you some more Pumkin Soap!!!
Have great day.