Friday, April 27, 2012

Home Again!!!

and you probably did not even know I was gone!!
Cathy, Lee and I went on a MAJOR shopping trip...
see the back of the van below..

and here is Cathy TRYING to squeeze one more
thing in the van..

AND THIS is my new home...NOT
but I love it.  VERY OLD with many new updates

and I am in love with the barn that goes with this home
what character!!

We have been shopping in PA. for the last 3 days and have
 been all over the place up there..
HI LINDA!!! it was good to see you..
and Cecilia, Connie, Christina, Darlene and Lori. Hope you all had 
a fantastic show and I will see you Darlene
at Independent Folk in May!

Please come on out to the shop tomorrow for 
"Unpacking Day" at the shop!!!

Have a Blessed evening



  1. Oh my goodness you guys were busy!! Can't wait to see it all unpacked!!

  2. WOW! What a shopping trip, wish I was there when you unloaded! Have lots of fun, Dawn

  3. Hi Robin, glad to see you all had a good shopping trip. Say Hi to Lee and to Kathy!!

  4. Robin~ Whee look at the junk in the trunk~looks like some great items~
    The home is gorgeous~ so much character~Hmmm would love to see the inside~
    Glad you had a good time~

  5. It is amazing what you can load when you love what you find. Great goodies galore Robin.

  6. Nothin like traveling with a van packed to the hilt with wonderful prim things:) Sounds like such a wonderful time. When you get it all unloaded, I hope you take some pics of your finds. That home is so beautiful. Who wouldn't love to live there? -Steph-