Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Been Awhile...

Hi Friends!!! Gosh time flies...
I just realized that I totally forgot the
Uncle Billy's Day booth (tent) pics...

You can see that the weather was wonderful!!
It was so good to see everyone...
HI DEBBIE...from
Four Meadows Cabin, check out
her picturetrail.
This sure has been a busy time for us, getting ready to
head out this Friday morning to attend
The Virginia Herb Festival
and then it is off to
Walker Homestead...woohoo.
I am so looking forward to going north. I have NEVER been
to the New England area before.

Well it's off to packing...again!!  lol
Before I forget 
The Shop will be 
on Saturday
June 9.
and also I want to give a big
Hannah Brechlin!!
(Lori's daughter)
CLASS OF 2012.
see you when we get back!!
Have fun at your cook-out!!

Have a great day tomorrow friends...


  1. Hey Friend, you are one busy gal! Lucky you. My dream trip is New England! We have our downtown antique show this weekend, hoping for lots of business. We need to talk soon! Looking forward to pics from both shows, Dawn

  2. Good luck with it all! You will love New England!!! I lived in NH my first 46 years. We haven't been back in four years, but we are headed back to a family reunion this July. Can't wait! Loved looking at all your pics.Blessings ~Sara

  3. Love the booth pictures. Such great prims. Would have loved to been there. Good luck on all your shows. Would love to visit New England one day. Share your trip with us ,,, take lots of photos.

  4. Love your goodies Robin! Good luck at your next show. Take care, Janice