Tuesday, July 10, 2012

All Wrapped Up...

We have crows 
vintage french
and pineapples 

large crows and stars
seed packs and design

the jersey shore..or that's what I
am calling it...

french country crow

pineapple with a great saying

sunflowers, rockers and
raffia bows

and a farms scene...
with stars.

These will all be available at
Summer In The Valley...
our next show.

I am thinking about selling these...
besides just at a show
what do you think???
No two would be alike...
appox. length is 84 inches long
12 inches wide.
I will also have matching stained ribbon
I appreciate your feedback!

Have a great afternoon.



  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. Thank you Christina. They have been fun to make.

  3. Hi Robin,
    They are soo cute! Are they craft paper weight or tissue paper? Love them.

  4. They are craft weight. I hope this posts only once DON'T KNOW WHAT'S UP WITH ALL THE DITTO COMMENTS

  5. Ummm...DUH! YES....please make them available! I love them! (Just did some catch-up reading here and so sorry to hear of the devastation in your area. Being without power for so long is so not fun....we know. Seems like lately when it goes out, if it isn't a flicker, it's out 8+ hours to days....We are in the process now of getting a generator...Not a complete answer, but sure will help some....) Hoping all is well...(And it looks like you found your mojo....If you see mine, please kick its butt back to Nod asap....) Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  6. Hi Robin...thanks for the kind words. Being w/o power was tough!! Having a genny will help I am sure. If I see your mojo Will send it to ya...after I borrow just a little...kidding

  7. I would buy them!! So many great patterns!!

  8. Oh yes, I think they will fly out of your shop! (I'd like them to all fly right up to Michigan.) Have a great week, Dawn

  9. Thank you all...and for all of the emails also.

  10. hi, Robin~ ya know what I think~ sell them on your blog~ would love to purchase~

  11. SELL SELL SELL!!! PLEASE! Let me know when I can order some!!! OLM