Wednesday, December 5, 2012

~~~Where Are You Wynter~~~

************  *********
NOW this is what I'm talkin' about!!

The calendar says it's December...
but the temps say it's mid spring???
Global warming?
None the less it does not make me want to run and
put up my tree nor does it make me want to go
Christmas shopping...
I am being a Scrooge this year...I have
Christmas items up in my home.
Well...if ya count the tree from the show that is stuck in the basement
then I have a silly green plastic tree from Hobby Lobby the
home shop with no lights or decorations on it.

I feel like Charlie Brown...
Doesn't anyone know the meaning of Christmas...

Hopefully I will be able to pull out of it...
get it together and celebrate the season!!!

Blessings from the "Grinch"



  1. Robin, according to how I feel and what I see on FB, you aren't alone. I'm in northern Mi. and we have nada for snow. I have not decorated either and that is the first time in over 35 years that I haven't had at least one tree up by this time. Let's remember the reason for the season, Our Saviour and just go with what feels right at the time.

  2. OK girl! We'll have NO "BAH HUMBUGGIN' going on. Hike those "big-girl britches" up and get going. Pick a room, any room and make it about Christmas. Once you get it decorated, you can sit back and whine all you want to... LOL Things will get tellin' when, but it will for sure. Remember all us other Grinches are there with you...loving you and Lee. OXOXOXOX : )

  3. Robin, I am with you. Not feeling it... Though I am decorated, it didnt' give any of the warm and fuzzys... christmas isn't doing it either...UGH! OLM

  4. Hi Robin,not much decorating going on around here.Did manage to get one tree up but I think a visit to the dentist would've been more enjoyable.LOL!Hugs,Jen

  5. Hi Ladies... I am do glad that I am not alone! Pam you are ia about the REASON...Barbara...I think I am just tired if decorating...feel like I have been decorating for Christmas for months...Marie...the warm and fuzzies just aren't and Jennifer...the dentist? Really? HAVE A SUPER DAY FRIENDS

  6. I hear ya! Seems like when you have a shop, by the time the real season gets here you're decorated out! I hope to put our tree up at the beginning of the week. I haven't bought one present yet either! Okay, let's all work out of this together!