Friday, February 22, 2013

++++Getting Dressed++++

for spring at the shop.
rich color eggs

carrots...stuffed soooo hard they
could be bullets!!! o.k. lori you can stop yer laughing 

some really b--i--g carrots...
gotta big bunny?? I have THE carrot for you.

and more eggs..these are the small ones..
also have a med. and large...
ready for the Easter basket...
or wooden bowl

got grass...I do. and also some plain
twig the bunny
on front.

Lee's stepback cupboard he made. love this..
old wood and rusty tin...yep has my heart.

his farm is made from an antique shipping crate
that he took apart and sanded...mage the base from old wood.
lots of character.

and before you leave...
please sign the book...
that's how you will get your invitation to our
Christmas Open House

hope things in your neck of the woods is going to your liking...
and if you are in the snow belt...LUCKY!!
sure wish we would have had a good snow this year.

getting ready for the show at hen house next month...
ALWAYS fun!!

have a great weekend friends



  1. Looks Great Robin!
    Can't wait to stop by again soon.


  2. All so Springy!!! It is bunny season! Looke great Robin! OLM

  3. Love all the Spring goodies.Sure makes me want the warm sunny days of Spring.Everything looks wonderful.Hugs,Jen

  4. Everything looks wonderful, you have a lovely shop! You are really starting to make me get spring fever.hugs, Lecia

  5. It all looks wonderful. Hope spring is here soon :)
    Have a great weekend.

  6. Your shop looks so nice Robin. Hope to get there sometime!! You are making me want to get mine ready for Spring- but's it's just so cold in the cabin! Maybe in a couple of weeks!! Take care- Debbie @ Four Meadows Cabin

  7. The shop looks as amazing as ever! Love the "table riser". You can have some of our snow! Have a great day, Dawn