Tuesday, July 30, 2013


The last couple of days in Central VA.
have awaken the desires for fall.

I love the color of the sky...
crunchy leaves
cool breezes
hint of smoke
crispy walks

Who can't love those colors?
Where we are in our little town of Monroe
there are about half dozen orchards!!
One of them happens to be located just down the 
road from us...
crisp fresh apples
tart and sweet
dripping with goodness...
ready for my decorating desires
Oh My...
hurry up!!

Our next show is the Gathering in
Knoxville, TN.
I am sure that there will be plenty of fall
decorating at that show
to fill my heart!!

Enjoy your cooler temps...
have a blessed tomorrow.

Millstone Mercantile


  1. Very fall-like up here in our lovely mountains. Now, if it would just quit raining.. Will miss you guys and others at The Gathering in Knoxville...

  2. Wish I was going to be there with you and Connie!

  3. It's been cool here... has me thinking... I am even having a fall giveaway because of it...hehehe... OLM