Saturday, December 17, 2011

Have You Heard.....

That Target has elves???
Welllll, where pray tell are MINE????

Hi folks how are you all doing?
Yep Target has elves that decorate and trim everything in the snap of
a finger....or so the commercials say...Come On
Ya know YOU want one!

I am so far behind...for those that know me you can ask
them...only ONE tree?...NO OUTSIDE lights?,  NO COOKIES?
NO white trash?
Who moved in....
actually I think even HE had more of a start
than I am managing to do this year.

The's WARM!  I have flowers that still have
blooms for pete sake.
Where is the cold, the hush in the air right before the snow,
the NEED for hot chocolate???  mittens...scarves
and ear muffs.
OHHHH NOOOO I moved to Florida and NO one told me!!!!

Have a blessed matter the temp. outside



  1. You silly, silly, thing. Ha! I'm behinder than you....and "warm" isn't working as an excuse in the frigid land of Nod. I think I've been channeling the Grinch, or Ebeneezer - or, perhaps both of late. Fa la la BAH! One tree that I grimaced all the way through (thinking "And I'll just have to take THIS ornament off in a few weeks and pack IT away....")is all I mustered up. No gifts yet, no desire. Hope those Christmas spirits arrive sometime soon....Hugs & Spirited Smiles ~ Robin

  2. Robin~ goodmorning~we finally had our 1st snow in at the Homestead last night~ just a light covering but snow~ I really needed it~ something about snow makes me get more in the mood for Christmas~
    I can't imaging living in Florida ~ giggles~ I don't think I would ever want to decorate for Christmass~
    Oh, but girl your temps would be wonderful!!! I will be completely envious of you come January~
    Wishing you some Holiday Spirit~

  3. Oh but we do decorate in Florida...come visit my blog and see! Love the vintage postcard!

    Merry Christmas!

  4. Thanks for the giggle.I too have a need for the Target elves.May we all get a shot of Christmas spirit soon!Christmas Blessings,Jen

  5. Hard to get in the mood if the seasons are all mixed up:) You are too funny. -Steph-

  6. I hear ya sista! As I wrote on my last blog post, I'm so not ready! I've managed to get some fudge and peanut clusters made last week and got some Christmas shopping done over the weekend. Maybe Rylee and I will start on some sugar cookies today?

  7. Hi Robin, I think Scrooge moved in here too.8-) This year has gone so fast that I just can't get my head around it being Christmas already. Hope we both find that Christmas spirit.8-)
    Merry Christmas!!