Sunday, August 5, 2012

Oh What A Tangled Mess...

We weave when practice to deceive....
HOWEVER: the only person I am trying to deceive is
Yep, I am trying to convince myself that I still have all
the time in the world to get going on fall.
It's still summer I, dry, humid...
fall seems so far away...
I talk about wanting it sooo badly...
I changed the calendar and it says
How in the world did THAT happen...
and then I saw it...
Knoxville, TN 
The Gathering
leaving on Thursday Aug. 23

Guess I better get to work on these guys huh?

This is done...but he is the ONLY
one who is... 

Still needs stuffing...along with about
20 more of various sizes and sayings

And there is soooo much more in the home shop...

I work better under pressure...
that's a GOOD thing.
Well off to Lowes and Michaels...
you didn't think I was going to start working
now did you???

Blessing from our home,


  1. I'm with you! I keep telling myself that I work better under pressure too. Our first show is next weekend! Good luck, Dawn

  2. I feel the same!!! I am stitching my eyes out, and the days are passing so fast, and other people are already selling fall items like there's no tomorrow, and I have just begun...and then there's the originality aspect, since there are already a ton of spooky dolls on the market, so I am trying to come up with different and unique things,.. and all this takes time!

  3. I'm with ya sister!!! I'm cutting out pumpkins between reading blog post ~ multi task I say!!!
    Love the cat ~ so cute!
    Prim Blessings