Monday, August 20, 2012

Simple Things

New beams installed at the shop,
all wrapped and lit up.
The ceilings are so high in the shop
we thought that these would help...
and it sure does!!
Very cozy feeling now when you first walk in.

Some of our things that will be heading to Knoxville with us..
love this dry red board with old tin.
Great for the center of your table or a wall hanging...
and a great red farm table.

Millstone's make-do chair...
with patch

Another picture of the farm table...
and what a cute pumpkin!!

Close up of "Earl"

The start of the collection for the
Gettysburg Show...
great blue pie safe,
drying rack
cricket light,
red bucket
yellow ware mold...

Still working on more pumpkins and crows...
hopefully they will be ready for packing on Wed.

Enjoy the cooler weather...
for now.



  1. Oh my I sure do love that breadboard. May I ask what you are selling it for? Also think Earl is the man!!! Take care, Janice

  2. I'm crazy about that dry red board! That will be one of the first things to go!!!

  3. Is the gettysburg show in PA? I'd love to know the date and place if you have time to email me.The beams look nice.Warm Blessings!~Amy

  4. Robin, Love that make a do chair and well allof it... wish I was closer for a visit! have a great show! OLM