Sunday, September 2, 2012

New Colors for Millstone

Welcome Fall...
and I definitely welcome the new color of Millstone...
I am personally not a big fan of all white on white,
I love chocolate and red together. 

I think that color makes things "pop"
more than just white...

I left this wall white for 2 reasons
1. to add depth to this little room
2. are you kidding...take down all of that
stuff??? Those boxes are screwed to the wall.

Fall gathering on the table...
love my garlic!!
Thanks Marie

Overview of front room with new beams and lights.

And I did not forget...Knoxville set up of
"Cabin In The Woods"  love their primitives.
I bought the MOST AWESOME box from Barbara...
yeah I know I have a things for boxes and tables...
bought 2 on Friday...another story.

More of their great goodes for sale.

Still waiting patiently for the rain to come...
yeh it was SUPPOSE to start this afternoon...
maybe it is just running a bit late. We still need it so badly.
Hope that you all have a 
the day off...
from our home to yours...



  1. The shop looks fantastic! Love the new color and the beams, it warms it right up! I'll be here sewing all day tomorrow, give me a call if you get a break. The rest of the week I'm going to be setting up the show. Then we have 2 weeks until the next show. Be kind of glad when September is over!

  2. Prim perfect~ making me drool with all the eye candy ~ and so much inspiration~