Sunday, January 6, 2013


Hello friends. Finally a chance to sit down for a few minutes.
Have some random pictures to share with you..

This is my big boy...
We got this sweet "little ball of fur"
from Donna Smith...
Thanks Donna??

This is Millstone's Courting Bench...
made from antique chairs...
and some old burlap.
Makes a great addition to a farm table...
3 extra seast!!

This is a little something that I bought for myself at
the auction last week. it. and best thing I got it for $25.00

Lee made me this make do chair as a Christmas gift and he did GOOD!!
Love the old blue 1800's quilt.
We usually sell out of them so he made me one
that I do not have to

Now for the game I did...
I need your address...please send me an e-mail with it!!
Do not want you not to get your gift!!!
Patti I sent you an e-mail
Dawn I will get yours
and Barbara thanks for giving me yours.
I hope you feel better.

Have a Blessed evening,


  1. What a cute picture of Eli! Love your treasures!

  2. Great pictures! LOVE the courting bench and your make-do chair is awesome. Dick made a cupboard for me and we've got to move some things before I can bring it in - it's killing me! Have a great week.

  3. Love that courting bench and chair! You scored with that jug, but I am not familiar with that pattern. Do you know what it is? Janice

    1. Hi Janice, no I do not but that jug spoke to me. Does have a small hairline in it, but I am not going to use it. Just admire it!!