Sunday, November 27, 2011

Glad To Be HOME........

But I sure do miss this!!  We all had such a wonderful time,
You just can not beat spending time with family!

We shopped and ate wonderful food and shopped,
walked on the beach and did I mention that we shopped?!!

Now Lee and I are getting ready for Mrs. Donna's show!
WOO HOOO, we ALL know Donna really knows how to put
on a wonderful show.  Thanks to everyone who called checking
to be sure we would be at the Christmas Show...
You bet your boots with bells on that we will be there!!

Dec.2 PARTY!! and Preview from 6-8
Dec 3 Show runs from 9-3
We will have treasures from Ohio-South Carolina
old, older, new and everything in between!!!
(Hope you like BURLAP!!)

Well, the pups are home and Eli is in my face!! Such a moocher
when we get home...this is his longest time being by himself,
her survived and played in all the lower cabinets!!  all the doors were open.

Have a great evening
and to my local gals...don't forget Millstone will be
(make sure you come to the show for your prim Christmas wares)


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  1. Well, welcome home! And oh how you tempt, tease, and taunt those of us who can't attend your wonderful shows....But, I'm wishing you well even so...(When, exactly, do you breathe???) ;o) Have a great week ahead....Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin