Wednesday, January 25, 2012

~~~Fresh From The Garden~~~

~~My Primitive Garden~~
These are my interpretation of
primitive carrots.

In my garden you do not have to all be alike,
different is good thing.

I am trying very hard to get ready for Spring in the shop...
which will be taking place after
Winter In The Valley.
I have bought a white feather tree which I
aged (not big on bright white)
and this will become my
"All Year Long Tree".
Hopefully the ideas that are in my head will come out
as planned... {yeh right}.

Will keep you posted on any progress, and if you
are in the area, stop by and see if progress is happening!!

Thanks for your visit,


  1. Your carrots look great... nice to think Spring IS near! Although, we haven't even had any snow here this winter. I don't know that I really want snow... but I do miss it a little.

  2. Great carrots! Can't wait to see pictures of your tree. Good luck with your show, Dawn

  3. Lovely carrots!!!
    I would like to see your tree too!!!
    Prim Blessings

  4. Hi Robin, good looking carrots!! That is the kind my garden grows.:-)
    Can't wait to see your feather tree and pics of the shop when you get it all springy!!

  5. Hey, those carrots look better than the ones I grew las summer. Maybe that's what I need to do, consentrate on making craft vegies rather than trying to grow real ones in my clay garden. Thanks for sharing:) -Steph-