Saturday, January 7, 2012

some stuff....

this is my little man Tinsley and his camo jacket
on Christmas morning.
He just would not sit still so,

Lee did the bear hug thing.
Just can't see anything but his face.
Still cute though.

Sooo, I gotta question...
is it Spring time already???
I want to decorate the shop for the early spring/Easter...
do you think it's to early?

I can not believe that the first show of the year is next week already...
am I ready you ask?....
well maybe a little...
soooo NOT ready!!
I will not lie to you!

Cathy and I went to PA on Wednesday...saw snow and felt
some REALLY cold was 5 when we started
shopping!!!!  Still had a blast though.  You do not notice that quick
one day trip until the next wanted to stay in bed all day.

I want to apologize for not being with you this week...
just dealing with "stupid", trifling, crazy people drive me over the edge
and I just have not felt real chipper....
But I am OVER it...
I have tossed them to the road so to speak!
We are so over it!!!

Thanks for your visit to Millstone,
please come back.


  1. Robin~Tinsley is precious ~ cute photos~
    I say decorate for spring~ the prim shops around here are pulling out the bunnies & spring florals~
    enjoy your day~

  2. That's a fun jacket. A shop full of spring things would be a breath of fresh air right about now. Go for it. -Steph-