Tuesday, January 31, 2012

~~Small Things and a HAM~~

Hi friends!! It's been a while I know,
but I do not live a very exciting, glitzy life.
It's pretty much the same around here.
A few things to show ya, my boxes with the
old time paper tops,
the little baskets I call
"Seed Baskets".
I have hand sewn fabric onto them
and also sewn a "paper scent" packet to stick
in the top.

And you see the 'ham" in the picture, my worst and best
critic. "We" had just finished cleaning up the little
"droppings" all over the counter top. Yes sir
Eli does not look worried though, he is to busy getting his
picture taken and before that he was laying out
in the sun with the dogs...
70 degrees here today.
EXCUSE me...but what happened to winter??
I really would like some cold and snow...
Yeh, yeh...go ahead and scream at me now!
But just a little snow would be nice.
Or even some cooler temps, I can't even where
my new sweaters from Christmas...
lord help me a sweater, a hot flash and temps above 50...
move outta my way cause SOMETHING will be coming off!!!

Have a great evening friends...
thank you for your visit and enjoy tomorrow.


  1. Wonderful goodies Robin!!!
    The weather has been so bizarre everywhere ~ I seen in the news today Alaska had -80 with the wind chill ~ brrr. It was a beautiful day today here in WI ~ even the animals are confussed.
    Have a great day too!
    Prim Blessings

  2. 60 plus temps in NE Ohio today. Crazy weather but I'll take it. :-)

  3. Love the seed baskets Robin! The weatherman said we may see some of the white stuff mid February~ but I am loving this warmer stuff myself.
    Have a great week!

  4. I just love those boxes and your critic, I tell you my cats are so spoiled that if they caught a mouse they would bring it to me to feed it.

  5. Love your new items -- especially those seed baskets! Funny that your kitty wanted in on the picture taking.... he looks like he's posing for you!! Maybe a little like a Price is Right model showing the goods!

    I'm with you -- I could stand some cooler temps here. Those hot flashes come fast and furious these days, so I enjoy the cold air!!

  6. Hi Robin, love your little boxes and bags!! 70's in Texas these days!!

  7. Come to my house. I live 40 miles north of Denver and we are waiting for a blizzard dropping up to 24 inches of snow by Saturday. Finally winter here!

  8. Robin, we have had not winter here either! hardly any snow! sigh..... Now shouldn't that "ham" LOL.... be mousein and catch the little bugger...UGH, mice! Good luck! OLM

  9. Ok....Just one more and then I PROMISE I'll really shut up. I want Eli. Seriously cool cat. :o) Robin