Wednesday, October 5, 2011


#1....I am a Walton's junkie.

#2...I have never been to the Walton Museum and it is
only about an hour from my home.

#3...I do NOT like greens and collards even if it
is a Southern food. all-time favorite movie is
Gone With The Wind...
"Frankly Scarlet...

#5...I do not like Twinkee's

#6...I LOVE Fried Oreos...see previous post

#7...I have not seen much of the U.S.A.

#8...I want to

#9...I have a problem saying NO to fabric...
just seems to follow me home..

#10...I LOVE MY LIFE!!!!!!

Soooo, can you tell I have "misplaced" my camera yet?
I think it got packed up with the goodies from the Sorghum Festival...
hence no pictures of the booth yet!!

Blogger will NOT let me post again so I will just give a shout
out to...
Dawn: have a great trip and I want to visit your town.

Lori: the farm house looks great

Betty: love the snow balls

Robin: do you ALWAYS have to
just kidding. Congrats friend!!

To everyone else,
please enjoy your evening and have a blessed day tomorrow.


  1. OMG ...great post , you crack me up good luck on finding the camera ,its amazing how much a lil piece of plastic can change our lives and our posts so much ! AND I AM SO WITH YOU ON THE LUCKY CROW LOL Have agreat evening! hugs lilraggedyangie

  2. I hope your camera shows up soon! Great confessions :-)

    Thanks for the compliment on my snowballs. Part of the finishing didn't go right. So maybe tomorrow they will be done.

  3. Oh my but I loved this post! Hope that you find your camera soon. Have a good evening.Hugs,Jen

  4. Oh my heck Girlfriend - you're a stitch and a hoot! I laughed so hard tears almost ran down my leg!! Hey - love your photos always and hope that camera shows up, but you're doing just swimmingly sans the camera.... Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  5. Love your post! I don't like twinkees either!
    Robin from the Cranky Crow passed it along to me, now maybe (notice how I said maybe) I'll pass the winning spree on to you ~ the next Robin!!!!
    Hope you find your camera!
    Prim Blessings