Monday, October 31, 2011


...and it does not mean the American Music Awards...

it stands now for...
Absent Minded Adult!

Good morning to you all...
I am so sorry not to have "talked" to you before now
but when you leave town and FORGET your computer
'tis hard to communicate....

Hope all of you are well and enjoying life.

Want to say a huge THANK YOU to
Lorraine and Robin for THE MOST wonderful pit beef sandwich
Do you ship?? 

And a BIG THANKS to Cecilia for another WONDERFUL show.
Enjoy the eye candy ladies!

I saved THE BEST picture for last....


NOW I am READY to make SANTAS!!!

Have a Blessed day.


  1. There you are! Can you believe that snow? Did you get it in your area? Thank goodness it has missed us so far. I've been sewing Santas and snowmen so much that our whole sitting room is FILLED! Thank goodness this is the week to do our holiday makeover, I'm running out of room. My storage room is full at the shop and it's overtaking my house. Sure wish I could come to your show this weekend, but it's our open house. Good luck, Dawn

  2. Looks like a great trip ! Glad to see you back! have a great week! hugs lilraggedyangie

  3. I'll take one of everything...EXCEPT the snow!!! Since you seem to enjoy it so, you can definitely keep it!! Good to hear from you my friend....Looks like a wonderful place to have been....Happy Spook Night! Smiles & Halloween Hugs ~ Robin

  4. Hi Robin, Thanks for joining me on my blog today, yes I missed everyone, just trying to finish up orders for the shops open houses, was sewing like a mad women. Oh my love all the prim goodies here, looks like my kind of place. Thanks for sharing, you can keep the snow. Vicky

  5. Robin, your shop looks so cozy, but you can keep the snow :) Atleast for another month!!


  6. Wish I could be there ~ such wonderful things!!!
    Your last pic though is beautiful even though it's snow!
    Happy Halloween!
    Prim Blessings

  7. What wonderful eye candy!!! Yeah I could've done without the snow picture. It reminds me that christmas is less that 2 months away :( lol.

  8. Robin, WOW! great eye candy!! excpet that snow!!! UGH! OLM