Tuesday, October 11, 2011

WOOOHOOO..aka.. not lost any more!!

Howdy folks!!

After searching through what seemed like a bizzillion
boxes I FINALLY found my camera....
in my car.
It was right were I left it, if only I could remember leaving it there!!
So we have a small snippet of our booth at the Sorghum Festival..

Now lets move on to the Antique Expo...
with tons and tons of dealers!!!
Lee and I made 6 trips to the van before all was said and done.
Here is a SMALL portion of what we found...
or should I say "Found Us"...

This blue chair we bought in Hillsville..late 1700's,
but it had no seat...wish I could say that I fixed it but I
will not lie to you...
Lee did it.

I hope that everyone is doing o.k. and I want to
Remember we are just plain folks here...
nothing fancy will be found ...
just friendship
with a touch of rusty and dusty added in for a special touch!

Have a blessed day...my camera is in the kitchen drawer,
will SOMEONE please help ME remember that?  lol



  1. Robin I am happy that you found your camera! Love how your booth looked ! Wow girl you found some awesome goodies too.Hugs,Jen

  2. Robin, You never disappoint... WOnderful treasures as always!!!OLM

  3. Love the picture of your booth and of your great finds. That blue chair is so neat. Lee did a great job on the seat. Glad you have your camera back. I so hate it when I misplace something. Have a good day

  4. I'll join you in the "Woo Hoo!" And add a "Yippee!" Glad you found it! (Was my ring in there too??) ;o) Wonderful finds Missy Robin - LOVE that soap box (I need one, don't you think?) and that chair is too cool for words. And sure - I'll remember you put your camera in...where was that again? ;o) Smiles & Happy Tuesday Hugs ~ Robin

  5. Robin, glad you found your camera!!!
    Wonderful creations in your booth and I LOVE all the goodies you found/found you!!!
    Lee did a great job on the chair!
    Prim Blessings

    P.S. Your camera is in the kitchen drawer incase your wondering!

  6. Glad you found your camera! Mine started going haywire some time back...It can't be because I was taking SO many pics of Rylee! Could it? lol
    Enjoyed your pics...your booth looked awesome!

  7. Wish I was going to be meeting you in PA, but I'm not going. I've never been to the markets there, I just generally go to Columbus. Let me know how they are. Gannon is back in the hospital, but doing lots better. (Keep your fingers crossed.) I'm going to spend the next few days sewing and sewing! Have fun and give me a call when you get back. Dawn