Monday, October 31, 2011


...and it does not mean the American Music Awards...

it stands now for...
Absent Minded Adult!

Good morning to you all...
I am so sorry not to have "talked" to you before now
but when you leave town and FORGET your computer
'tis hard to communicate....

Hope all of you are well and enjoying life.

Want to say a huge THANK YOU to
Lorraine and Robin for THE MOST wonderful pit beef sandwich
Do you ship?? 

And a BIG THANKS to Cecilia for another WONDERFUL show.
Enjoy the eye candy ladies!

I saved THE BEST picture for last....


NOW I am READY to make SANTAS!!!

Have a Blessed day.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Getting To Know Me From A-Z

A- Age- 50...really close to 51 (we get personal REAL quick!!!)

B- Bed- I would love to say a nice feather tick but alas it is a queen size that I share
with Tinsley, Eli and Lee.  I put Lee last  cause actually Tinsley and Eli are so kind
to share THEIR bed with us.

C-Chore I Hate- well if you ask my house what that would be it would answer ALL of them.
But I guess it would be leaning over and cleaning that wonderful cool porcelain toilet

D-Dog- 2 Sassy, my Jack and Tinsley my cartoon character...and with the risk of being mauld I will mention the Cat...Eli

E-Essential to start my day- COFFEE  very plain and simple

F-Favorite Color- is Autumn a color??? I do not know what crayola calls all these warm wonderful colors but they are MY favorite....and purple.

G-Gold or Silver- with the price of them...WHO CARES just give me some

H-Height- a weeee bit above having to have a booster seat to legally drive a car!! 5.2

I-Instrument I play- how about PLAYED  do not laugh...the violin for a few years. First chair. Now I can play the sander and sewing machine like no ones business.

J-Job Title- jeeezzzz...I have soooo many.  President/CEO of Millstone....
Partner/Owner of R & L   chief cook and dishwasher, maid, nurse, banker, shrink....and the list could go on and on.

K-Kids- my son Brett was killed in a car accident when he was 14...12 years ago.  Lee has a son Justin that is 27...he is 3 months older than Brett would be.  I am pleased to call him my "buddy" not my step son.

L-Live In- the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountain area of Amherst County, VA.

M-Make of Car- Kia Sorento

N-Nicknames- Lee calls me Boo. Some call me friend but most call me Bitch...and That is a good thing!!!!!   lol

O-Overnight Hospital Stay- 2  gall bladder out at 22 and child birth at 24.  Some say that I should check myself in and be evaluated for a while...I say being crazy is FUN.

P-Pet Peeve- squeezing the toothpaste tube in the MIDDLE of the tube...and dishes in the sink when the dishwasher is right BESIDE hard is it to open that door???

Q-Quote From A Movie-  Frankly Scarlet I Do Not Give A Damn.  and  As God as my witness I will never go hungry you see a picture here...?

R-Right or Left Handed- Right

S-Siblings- no matter how you look at it I am the oldest.  I have 2 younger sisters and a younger brother

T-T.V. Shows- Greys Anatomy, Private Practice and Castle....and the 31 Days of Halloween on SYFI!!!!!

U-Underwear- YES

V-Veggie I hate-any one of them that is cooked to mush!  I like crisp and fresh with a little butter and parm. cheese.

W-What Makes You Late- LIFE!  If i am late call 911 cause I am usually on time or a few minutes early.

X-Rays- ummm...does the breast thing a few months ago count? Thank God all is o.k.

Y- Yummy Food I Fix- I do not mean to boast or brag but I am a great cook.  Just look at Lee and I or ask my family!!!!! They will vouch for me...I promise.

Z-Zoo Animals- kittens a.k.a. Tigers

Missy wants to know what scares us.....The 31 Days of Halloween on SYFI.

Pam wants to know 5 additional things...
1.  I am a licensed contractor
2.  I have a secret desire to own ALL the fabric
3.  I worked in the admin. business for 17 years in the dental field
4.  I am a Master Reiki
5.  I QUIT SMOKING...going on 2 years now!!!!

There you have ME.

Have a blessed night.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Hello Friends....

...I will be back in a few days....
I went to the Market on Tuesday
I loved it,
today I am sick with the funky stuff.

Stay healthy!!
Get rest and
eat home made chicken soup!!!

Back soon!!!!

Monday, October 17, 2011

Howdy Folks...Apple Harvest Pics

From This...

To THIS...

and to  this

                                                                         and then this...

These are pics of my friends booth (Anita, Linda, Janice)
Three Olde Crows

This year the festival was a great success!!!
and the weather could not have been better.
Thank you to everyone that came by and chatted with us.
You are why we LOVE doing this.

Now it is on to Hen House Primitives Show in MD.
We have a new group of goodies going to that....
and then it is on to
which we have a new group of goodies for that as well...
Christmas season for that show...I can't wait!!
Yeah, I know we JUST STARTED fall, but I love the sights and sounds
of Christmas as well.

I hate to run, but the man is here to service the gas logs and get us
ready for winter!!!
Talk to you soon...I promise.


Tuesday, October 11, 2011

WOOOHOOO..aka.. not lost any more!!

Howdy folks!!

After searching through what seemed like a bizzillion
boxes I FINALLY found my camera....
in my car.
It was right were I left it, if only I could remember leaving it there!!
So we have a small snippet of our booth at the Sorghum Festival..

Now lets move on to the Antique Expo...
with tons and tons of dealers!!!
Lee and I made 6 trips to the van before all was said and done.
Here is a SMALL portion of what we found...
or should I say "Found Us"...

This blue chair we bought in Hillsville..late 1700's,
but it had no seat...wish I could say that I fixed it but I
will not lie to you...
Lee did it.

I hope that everyone is doing o.k. and I want to
Remember we are just plain folks here...
nothing fancy will be found ...
just friendship
with a touch of rusty and dusty added in for a special touch!

Have a blessed camera is in the kitchen drawer,
will SOMEONE please help ME remember that?  lol


Wednesday, October 5, 2011


#1....I am a Walton's junkie.

#2...I have never been to the Walton Museum and it is
only about an hour from my home.

#3...I do NOT like greens and collards even if it
is a Southern food. all-time favorite movie is
Gone With The Wind...
"Frankly Scarlet...

#5...I do not like Twinkee's

#6...I LOVE Fried Oreos...see previous post

#7...I have not seen much of the U.S.A.

#8...I want to

#9...I have a problem saying NO to fabric...
just seems to follow me home..

#10...I LOVE MY LIFE!!!!!!

Soooo, can you tell I have "misplaced" my camera yet?
I think it got packed up with the goodies from the Sorghum Festival...
hence no pictures of the booth yet!!

Blogger will NOT let me post again so I will just give a shout
out to...
Dawn: have a great trip and I want to visit your town.

Lori: the farm house looks great

Betty: love the snow balls

Robin: do you ALWAYS have to
just kidding. Congrats friend!!

To everyone else,
please enjoy your evening and have a blessed day tomorrow.

Monday, October 3, 2011


crossed with the batter of this.....

Will give you

Fried Oreo Cookies...

Lori turned me on to these at the Sorghum Festival...
and it was love at first bite!!!!

Of course I got the
"You have NEVER had fried oreos....where have you been"? I do not know where I have been...
I know where I am going....
to the NEAREST fair that has a funnel cake vendor.

Friends, if you have never had these...
(do not eat them...more for ME!)

RUN and find some, they are WONDERFUL!

Warm, soft, chewy, sweet creme and oreo...
what could be better?