Thursday, March 1, 2012

Arrived Safely!!

we have made it to Knoxville
safely!!  AND we even found the Wal-Mart...
well a girl CAN NOT wear brown shoes with black pants!!
I forgot mine and Mr. Lee was so kind to find the
nearest Wally World.

The boxes are what I was working on right before
we left this morning. Thought you might like a peak.

I will show you all of the pictures later in the weekend...
There are 80 primitive dealers at this show!!!!!!
I can't wait to shop!!!!!
Hope to get some goods for me and the shop!!!

I want to say
for working the shop for me!!!
Hope you enjoyed your linen!

Thank you for your visit to Millstone...
talk later!!


  1. Hope everyone treats you well. I live outside Knoxville about 12 miles. I am coming to the show on Sat. good luck.

  2. Glad to hear you arrived safely and your shoes now match your pants :0) Wishing you an amazing weekend ! hugs lil raggedy angie

  3. Good luck at the show..wish I could be there. Take care, Janice

  4. Oh you lucky girl! I told Connie to look you up right away tomorrow night. She is meeting her friend there at 4 when you open. Be sure to let her get a picture of the two of you! Can't wait to see pictures of the show. Have fun and make $$$$$$$$$$, Dawn

  5. Robin,

    Have fun at the show. I am a new follower, came over from Connie's blog. Love your blog. Do you have a website for your store?


  6. Good luck with the show. Your boxes are very pretty. -Steph-

  7. I am in love with those boxes.... Holy Heck. !!! :o) Robin