Sunday, March 18, 2012

A Mother's (Owner's) Love...

of course I have to show off the new
baby girl...

I could not resisit the last picture, you KNOW
you all have one of  THOSE baby pictures
laying around...
She is her new bed with her blankie and new collar...just
a temp though. No harness that small but I wanted her to get
used to wearing something.
She slept all night last night in her bed beside me, and all is well
in the household.
Eli has done a 360...yep he loves her
and he now loves to be rubbed and loved on. 
Not sure WHAT happened but had I known he was going to act like
this I would have gotten a puppy a long time ago!! 

Gotta go "play" now!!
Thank you for you visit...
and all of your wonderful comments and emails
about Katie...and Sassy.

Blessings from our home to yours


  1. Oh I love your fur babies. They are both so precious. Blessings!

  2. Such a precious new addition to your family. You are going to enjoy her.

  3. What an adorable sweet thing!! I love Katie Scarlet's name. So glad that the other critters are accepting her. That last picture is so precious!

  4. Things move so quickly in your world! I thought I was fairly caught up at Millstone Mercantile and turn around, and look what's happened! First, I need to say I'm very sorry to hear about Sassy....I pray you find peace and comfort and healing - I have such a hard time saying goodbye to pets - sometimes even harder than people folk....what a loss you must be experiencing. But what a sweet little bundle you have found....Katie is adorable!!! And, really, Eli approves??? That's amazing!! I'm looking forward to LOTS of photos Miss Robin....Congratulations!! Smiles & Puppy Hugs ~ Robin

  5. Awwww Robin what an adorable baby - and I love her name too.
    So sorry about Sassy too...I have not been here in awhile so caught up on my reading.

  6. What adorable pictures! I'll bet you're having a ball with that new baby. Enjoy, Dawn

  7. I can smell that puppy breath from here!!! What a cutie pie! Doxies have my heart (I have a little longhair) and yours are just adorable. Glad to hear she is adjusting so well to her new home and that Eli has taken to her...I know that's not always an easy thing for a doxie to do!!!
    Enjoy your new baby :)

  8. What a cute little baby!!! Oh, how so much fun. I would just play all day. -Steph-

  9. How adoreable...makes me wish I could have a puppy...Take care, Janice

  10. Hello,
    Welcome to the wonderful world of multiple doxie's Mom!! We share our home with four spoilt rotten doxies!! We had 5 at one time but our oldest and sweetest Granny girl aka Baby went to Rainbow Ridge on December 4, 2011. I still miss her so! She was 16 years old and the Mommy to our now oldest girl, Pebbles. I love the saying that Doxies are like Lays Potato Chips you can't just have one LOL Good luck and best wishes on your new furbaby!!! Have fun spoiling her!!!