Thursday, March 8, 2012

~~Bee Hive~~Hornbeam~~

Good evening... hope all is well with you.

Can you imagine keeping your food in one of these?
or keeping your bees in it?
Bees you wonder...well I have been told it is either
an OLD bee hive or hornbeam.
More have told me that it was a hornbeam than a bee keeper.
I love it either way...
they are getting rare..
hard to fine...
and are really a cool piece of history.
"A Simple Life"...(jill peterson)
did an article on them in the fall 2011
You can see where this one had an old leather band
around it at one time...possibly to hold it together??
It still has a small piece of it clinging on.

This is a neat piece also, great green paint still in some areas.
Have never seen one with "cubbies" as I call them
You can see where the flour sifter used to be.
This may just have to hang in MY

Excuse the red tape, did not want it flying open
for the trip home from TN.
Looking forward to returning there in August..
see all you guys again!!!!

We are going at it pretty steady getting ready for our
next show
So looking forward to that!
Been told it is a packed if
you can attend I think it would be worth your time!!

I now have a screened door on the front of the shop....
Such a pleasure to have the door open and hear the birds,
smell the fresh cut grass
and of course hear the traffic!!
Love It!
Thanks honey...aka Lee.

Thank you for your visit to Millstone
and we will talk later.


  1. Down South we call an ietm pictured in pic 1 a Bee Gum. A piece of wood was placed over the top and there would be a small notch or hole near the bottom on one side if it is for bees. If not, you have a hornbeam, also used with a piece of wood to cover the top and used to store food. Great find!

  2. Love your goodies ...both are so cool!Hugs,Jen

  3. Love your new finds...not sure what you have; hornbeam or beehive, but it is cool! Take care, Janice

  4. You lucky girl, you're always finding the best things. Been meaning to ask you, did you get to explore at all in TN? Did you get to Clinton? And, yes, I'm afraid hooking is going to be a new favorite. We had a great time and I sat and worked on my new project at the shop today. Have a great weekend, Dawn

  5. Robin, no matter what you call it ...its really nifty both your new treasures! congrats on the new screen door ! Have a great week! hugs lil raggedy angie

  6. Whew!! Finally made it here! (Forgive me please???) Just hit "save" on the grades for Term IV so can breathe for a minute or two....(as long as I don't look at the stack of laundry and my counter tops....) You find the coolest things I swear....I have always hoped to find a horn beam some day...can you believe I've never seen one in person? Just in photos. Don't know which you have there - but I'll take it off your hands if your quandary is troublesome to you.... ;o) Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin