Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Not Outside The Box

Happy Tuesday!
Finished up the little stitchery and did not have a frame
for it...
but I did have a box!!
I love old boxes and using them for all 
kinds of "stuff"
I added a little rusty wire and an old "bobbin light"
and ++POOF++
I rather like it.
think I'll keep this and make another!

I will grubby up the flicker though, but I just
did not have one handy for this picture.

Quick update on our little fur baby girl...
she has a pulled muscle in her neck...
yeh she got that from me!!
Suppose to keep her seperate from Tinsley and Eli,
is the vet SERIOUS??
So I went and bought a cage and a small bed and of course a new toy...
is SHE in her little safe place????
but Eli is!!
I guess even he needs a break every once and a while!!

Have a blessed day and Thank You for your visit today!!


  1. Robin love your stitchery and the way you displayed it.Prim perfection.Have a great day,Jen

  2. Love how you put it in the box. I have some candle holders and should add something to them.


  3. Great idea for your stitchery! I love it in the box and will keep that in mind... to use in the future with some of my needlework!
    How cute that your Eli is happy in the crate!! We all need to get away from each other sometimes.... my daughter's cat likes to hide in the sink....!!

  4. The box is perfect. I love how the luminary lights it up in there. -Steph-

  5. I love the stitchery in the box. Great idea.

  6. Way to think inside the box my friend...I LOVE it!! Hmmmm...if only I'd get around to some stitching.... Hope Miss Katie gets to feeling better soon. And yikes - no photos of Eli in Katie's den??? ;o) Happy Tuesday! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  7. Robin ... see you Saturday in Gettysburg. Love the box. Grace

  8. I really like the box as a frame. Hope the little one is feeling better soon. She is a cutie!

    Take care,

  9. Now that is what I call thinking inside the box. Love your stitchery. You did a great job! ake care, Janice