Saturday, August 20, 2011

Date Night Update...

I LOVE date night!!!
We had a blast last night...the auction house was packed...
guns for the boys...brings 'em in every time.
I am not much one for for guns and coins at the auction...
I like the "good" stuff!
Wanna see???
Early wall pocket
Great funnel...perhaps a crow perched on it
early creamer

I love this early carrier/tray
and a great hide stretcher
an old keg...Lee will fix it up with an old rusty band
or perhaps some rusty wire

And last...
this is 2 large Farm tables, handmade
an early metal brush
and a great tin square syrup holder

So, there you have it.
Date night.

AND....we got up at the crack of dawn...4 am
to go to a couple yard sales this morning.
Found an OLD PAINTED dough bowl for 7.00
an early glove box for 4.00
daisy churn for 10.00
 and some "stuff".

Now you have pretty much been caught up on my life.
Told ya we do not do a whole lot...
plain and simple!!!

Have a great Sunday and
 Thank You for your visit.



  1. I love that carry tray! If only I loved closer to your store . . . .

  2. Whew! Got back to Michigan tonight with a van so loaded that we couldn't fit one more thing in! We dropped everything off at the shop and will have one BUSY week ahead getting ready for Fall Open House on Saturday - but did we find some great things!!! Looks like you had a fun date night, you always find the best stuff. By the way, Gannon got home from the hospital Thursday and is spending the night with us tonight. Have a great Sunday, Dawn

  3. WooHoo!! Wish my hubby would take me on dates like that!! And, you know - I might even get up early for a change if I could get bargains like THAT!! Holy, holy cow!!! A PAINTED bowl for $7 and a Daisy churn for $10?!! That's crazy!! We don't even SEE things like that round these parts...and if we did, I'm sure they wouldn't be anywhere near those prices!! Can you say "SCORE"??? Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  4. Hi Robin, thanks for your visit!! Sorry to be such an absentee blogger, hopefully life will slow down and I can catch my breath.8-)
    Great treasures!! Love the crow on the funnel idea.
    Have a great day!!

  5. hi, Robin
    Girl you gathered some goodies on your date night~That is exactly my kind of date~ Love them tables!!!

  6. Boy your date delivers. What a fun night. -Steph-