Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Not Normal.....but

What do you mean...
Not Normal????
In this house THIS is normal...
for under my pillow that is!!!
Eli and HIS toys...
under MY pillow.
Let me explain...
The time is 12:30 am and he wants to play
"mouse" and it really squeeks just like a mouse
under my pillow it goes.

He leaves

The time is 2:38
Eli wants to play "paper"
under my pillow the paper ball goes.

He leaves, but not before being rubbed on for what seems like forever.

The time is 4:34
Eli wants to play "cat"...but wait that really is MINE...
he must have gotten that out of a bowl full of old toys...
anyway by now you know the routine...
under my pillow it too goes,
and he is rubbed
and he leaves.

Now yo know why I have dark circles under my eyes and why I
feel it necessary to take a nap!

I hope everyone survived the earthquake yesterday!!
Lori and I had the "deer in the headlight" look I am sure!!
Barnes and Noble will never be viewed the same again!!

Ya'll have a great day.


  1. hi, Robin~
    The toys look like my home~ giggles~ why can't they do this during the day? Seems like I get my 3am-4am wake up call~ but my real alarm goes off at 4:30~ when it goes off~ all the kitties are pawing at me~ Wake Up!!!FEED Me!!
    Giggles~ gotta love the critters~
    I missed the quake, seems like everyone alround here felt it but me~ so glad~ I would of been thinking I was loosing it!!
    have a wonderul day

  2. Too funny....Perhaps it's all that rubbing he's getting that encourages him to come back with something new!! ;o) Just be glad it isn't a real mouse he's bringing....Been there, done that, and was NOT amused! Glad you and Lori are ok - I've only had the earthquake experience once - very strange and unsettling....Happy Wednesday! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  3. Fun is fun no matter what the time, right?!? Gotta love him!

  4. So cute!!! One of our dogs is like that, once early in the morn he decided to play with his pig that sounds like a pig snorting. Scared the heck out of me.
    Glad to hear you and Lori are O.K. We had tornado sirens going off a couple of times last night. Weather you never know whats going to happen.
    Stay safe.
    Prim Blessings

  5. How funny!! Or not. It is cute though. Hope you get your nap. Better hide the toys. -Steph-

  6. Too cute Robin! Night time is not a good time for play.....for you anyway!!
    So glad you and Lori were ok during the earthquake. Lori