Sunday, August 14, 2011

I Am Not MIA....

...but we have been in the basement working on some of
the recent finds.

I am lovin' this green cabinet...
would look great in the upstairs foyer...
but hubby says
"It must go to a show"

and then comes one of the buckets...
look at the red paint still on the inside...
it is dark on the outside,
hanging on the side is an early braided mat...
so soft!!

and last we have this great old doll blanket...
Imagine it in the center of a table with a candle
or wooden bowl.

So, I forgot to mention one little thing...
my anniversary..
Nope not with Lee...
but it was a little over ONE year ago
that I QUIT SMOKING!!!!!
I am rather proud of myself...
and no Lee and Justin did not quit with me.

I did visit Lori yesterday with Stacy...
that is one talented lady.
Her work is amazing,
if you ever get the chance to attend a class
I really think you should.

Thank you for your visit to Millstone
and have a blessed evening.


  1. Robin, Love the green cabinet and the wooden bucket. Congrats. on your year anniversary from smoking. I never smoked but I overeat so I know it must have been a battle to overcome. I am so proud for you. Have a great week.

  2. That is a great cabinet...I say foyer!! :o) And love that little doll quilt....looks like it's in wonderful condition....How can you possibly part with these things???! I saw Lori's post of all you lucky ladies at Stacy's class....what I wouldn't have given to have a place at that Thanksgiving table!! Love her designs so much!! And big congrats on the anniversary!!! That's a HUGE achievement!! Yea for you!!! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  3. Wonderful goodies! That baby blanket is so sweet!
    Congratulations!!! Thats a big achievement!
    I know it's very hard to do!!!
    Prim Blessings

  4. Robin~ The green cupboard is beautiful.I'd be swapping something out of the house to talk hubby into on a year with no smoking.Warm Blessings!~Amy

  5. Congrats on a year of no smoking!!
    Love the green cupboard, and I agree with Amy -- I'd be getting rid of something else in the house in order to keep it!!
    The quilt is lovely -- and I think it would be wonderful under a wooden bowl, like you suggested.....
    Have a happy day!!

  6. YOU GO GIRL! Good for you for giving up the smokes! I knew you could do it. See you soon...Blessings from The Cabin In The Woods!

  7. hi, Robin~Well, first Congrats on 1 year of being smoke free~ way to go!!!!
    Love the cupboard & the bucket!!!

  8. What great item you have been working on. I love the cabinet and the bucket. But most of all congrats on 1 year of freedom. -Steph-