Sunday, August 28, 2011

It's FALL!!!!!!

O.K.   so it's not,
but LOOK! I have  "A" pumpkin!

I hope that everyone is o.k. with the hurricane, I do not think
it was as bad as they thought, but for those that lived through it I
am sure it was truly bad enough!!

I wanted to show you pics of a pie safe that Lee just refinished and some of my
crows that I have finished up but for some dumb stupid reason
my computer program kept deleting the pictures, instead of rotating the pics it was deleting instead you got the pumpkin...

Had date night this past Friday,
how I love date night...yep; no pics...
quick draw mcgraw had it all put up before I could
snap a picture.

Cooking today...Justin coming for dinner.
Painting ...
Stuffing...crows and pumpkins, not our bellies!
Do YOU want to come and PLAY?

the shop will be CLOSED this FRIDAY as I am going to
for their HUGE FLEA MARKET/ANTIQUE 4 day weekend. 
I will only be there on Friday though.
Aubrey says we are leaving at 4 a.m.
Is that REALLY a time?

Enjoy your day...
thank you for your visit to Millstone.


  1. Hi Robin, Love the pumpkin. Mr. P is a advid gardner but for some reason, can NOT grow pumpkins. Don't know is its the soil or Mr. P. SO we have to buy them for decor. Cute! Our 3 day show I have worked off and on all year for is this weekend. Hoping you have a great time at the flea market.

  2. And what a sweet little pumpkin it is Missy Robin! (Haven't met too many pumpkins I haven't liked!!) Would love to come and play....but, gee, not sure about "stuffing" any crows! ;o) Sounds like you have a full agenda - hope you have time for some fun mixed in there....Happy Sunday and week ahead! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  3. Oh cute little pumpkin standing for everything good and waiting patiently for cooler weather. -Steph-