Sunday, August 7, 2011

A FINE JOB......

 Lee has done it again!!
He brought this up to the shop yesterday...
Notice "his" fabric...
Yep...all by himself he picked that out
took it to the counter, had it measured...
AND THEN you would have thought that he
KNEW everything about sewing there was to know!!!

All kidding aside, his work is great.
I will not take any credit for this piece at all!

I am trying to play catch up today...some one has been wearing our
clothes cause I swear I do not know how 2 people can have so much
dang laundry!!

And do not get me started about the tumbleweed dust bunnies!!

Well my dear friends, I am off to go stir the meatballs and sauce that are cooking in the slow
cooker....smells wonderful!!
Simple dinner and relaxing afternoon.

Tomorrow is the day and I will keep you all posted!!
Thanks again for all the positive energy,
and words of comfort.


ps..that is an antique sewing cabinet that was found in a barn...all
original axcept 4 handles and material on top.  This was brought home in pieces and Lee restored it


  1. I'll be sending you positive thoughts and prayers, tomorrow, Robin.
    Love Lee's furniture!

  2. Hi Robin~

    Lee did a fine job on that cabinet!!

    Sending prayers your way!!

    Enjoy your Sunday~Becky

  3. I love that piece, that is something I am looking for. I want something like that with two long drawers so I can put mail in it and then decorate on top to go in my dining area. The problem is, the antique ones are expensive and have mold and water stains.

    Prayers coming to you and hoping that everything goes well tomorrow.


  4. Wow...Lee did an awesome job on that!! Perfect!! I would someday love to have a cabinet like that....Wishing you the best tomorrow....I've gone through it (several times now) and know there isn't much one can say to ease the concern and worry....Sending good thoughts and prayers your way....mmmmm....dinner smells good....Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  5. Robin, Love the cabinet. Lee did a great job. Will keep you in my thoughts and prayer tomorrow.

  6. Hey Friend, you've been on my mind all week. Hope everything goes great tomorrow, I just know it will! This must be the week! I have to have a basil (sp?) cell taken off my face on Tuesday. Keep me posted and we'll talk this week, Dawn

  7. Hi Robin!
    Your hubby did a wonderful job on that cabinet! It's just lovely.... Would love to have one someday.
    Sending prayers your way -- I know how nerve-racking this is -- best wishes for a good appointment tomorrow.

  8. Robin, OMG!!! I love it, Lee did a great job!!!
    I have everything crossed for you giving all my P.M.A!!!! OLM

  9. Robin, Beautiful~ He did a fantastic job~
    my thoughts & prayers with you~

  10. Thank you all for your continued support, it means a lot to me. Lee is all smiles as I have told him that you like his work. Thanks again for everything!!!!!!!!!

  11. Robin, Lee is GOOD! Have a great summer! SUE