Thursday, February 3, 2011

Just Stuff...

cool rake I dug out of a bin last Saturday, yeah there are a few rungs
missing....but the wood is great.and this SWEET doll cradle, well played with...look at that wood
and this make-do corner light that we made...complete with repair.
It's not finished yet, still needs some "aging" done to it.
If you look close down in the corner you can see the repair. The wood
is definitely not new! It has 2 holes at the top so it can be hung to the left
or right.

Nothing much going on around here, we are on count down until next week...
Show Time!!!! woohooooo!
Just trying to get ALL the ends tied up, make sure everything has been
tagged and priced....and pouring up soap....
LOTS of soap.
I will making room spray ...
and possibly some carpet fresh...
and paint some more door boards...
and stenciling "dirty linen"
and running to Wal-Mart...
and cooking dinner.
Gosh when you put it like THAT.... it kinda seems like a full day!

I hope your day is full of creative endeavors and ALL the things you love.
Have a GOOD one,


  1. You find some of the greatest things! I know your show will be a huge success - just wish I could come. Did you see the pictures of our new booth on my blog? Still have another big load to take, but at least it's a start! Be sure to take a breather sometime during the day today! Dawn

  2. I love the make-do corner piece! I have always had a thing for corner cabinets and wanted to get into learning to make a few for myself as they are hard to find in my neck of the woods. Great inspiration!
    Tina xo

  3. Robin, these are great finds! I LOVE that cradle!


  4. You find the best stuff Robin. I love it all, that cradle is awesome!!