Sunday, February 13, 2011

What Is It??.... is the inside of my van on Thursday Night!! You could not have fit a small
piece of paper in there!!!! Sooo...we are loaded and ready to go!
This is what is left of my small little corner....this is before the show
started!!! I was grabbing ANYTHING and hanging it!!!

My Sellar's cabinet...
She found a wonderful new home to go to!!
The table with dough favorite thing!!!
I LOVE dough bowls!! The table was sold to the same loving home as the Sellars went to!
And a few of my dough bowls found wonderful new homes also!!

The best I could do...the overall booth

The show was a huge success and to EVERYONE who came.....
Without you all I could not do what I LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!
A very big congrats to Donna Smith form Southern Star and
Linda Miller from Miller House....
I truly think that this was
THE BEST SHOW YET!!!!!!!!!!!
You two do a FANTASTIC job promoting the show!!!
Now it is on to working at the shop. Mr Lee has already headed up there...not me.
I am still sooo tired!!!! But excited also....
I have not picked an exact Grand Opening date as of yet... hopefully soon I will
be able to narrow down a date.
My friends....I am going to dress and head to the shop...wooohoooo!!!
I will talk with you tomorrow...and show you
what I bought at the show!!!!!

Have a Blessed day...


  1. Looking forward to your Grand Opening!! Your booth looked so nice.

  2. Robin, Oh my, I wish I was closer, I saw so many wonderful things!!! OLM

  3. Your booth was lovely and I love everything I bought. My house smells wonderful today from your soaps. It was one of the best shows I have ever attended! Good luck with the shop!