Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Do You Remember....

...how much fun it used to be to receive a note in the mail???To receive something OTHER than a bill or junk? I know with the age
of computers that sending that quick e-mail is soooo much faster and
yep...even a bit cheaper but don't you remember how much
it was to find a little card in the mail...something you could hold and
read over and over if you wanted to?
I can remember that it was "proper" to send out the
"Thank You" cards for all the birthday gifts received
and even Christmas gifts. I hated writing them but had no choice in the matter....
"Proper Etiquette" is what my mother called it.
Somewhere along the way I stopped sending little notes to family and friends...so I
decided to make it fun again.
As you can see from the above pic I have made some hand stenciled
cards, and even stenciled a big ole star on the back of the envelope.
I am bringing these to the show in a few weeks...however if you wish to have a set(6) for
yourself...just shoot me an e-mail...LOL!!!
Have a blessed Tuesday and if your are in the "Snow Belt"....
Be safe and stay warm.
Blessings to You and Yours,


  1. To Cute Robin!
    Please don't show them to Skippy :0)...
    I sure wish I could come to those shows....

  2. Good morning my friend. I agree, nobody writes notes or letters anymore and it is fun to receive something in the mail that you can hold on to. Remember when women would tie all of their love letters with a pretty ribbon? (And penmanship was a big deal.) By the way, I started a booth at a mall last week and it's going to be so much fun - just hope we sell stuff! Talk to you soon, Dawn

  3. I agree about how this is a lost 'etquite'.
    I try and send out as many cards and thank you's as possible rather than an e-mail.


  4. Stellar gesture! Bring it back, but we can still be spoiled with our pc's, ay?

  5. I agree! I love sending and receiving a hand held note. In fact, I try to make it a point to send a "thank you" by hand even if I send an email. Sometimes I think that we move around so fast in this age of advanced technology. I think we should all take a break and pick up a pen or pencil every now and then.