Thursday, February 10, 2011

Welcome Back...

....and excuse the orbs(circles) in the picture...I don't know WHAT that is about.Well as you can see the first coat of paint is on the trim.
This is my "Cook Room"...the heart of Millstone.
Going under the peg board will be a counter...then drop down to a sitting
counter top where sewing machine will go. This is a really big room...and I have a SINK!!
That means I have running water!! The last shop did NOT!!
Look at the Folk Arty mantel. This is in the main room.
Excuse the coffee...we were up there until 9:00 the other night.
Close up of the mantel. Now keep in mind that today the black was re-painted...
there is no white showing

All this and we have still found the time to COMPLETELY pack the new van
for the first show of the year!!! WOOHOOO!!!
Let me tell you...when I say it is full...
well let's just say the sides are bulging a bit!!!
There are 3 tables and a Sellar's cabinet
10-13 Apple Crates
2 Trunks
Lord only knows how many stools/benches....cause one can NEVER have to many
of these wonderful little items!!!!
And I will just have to take a picture BEFORE we begin to unpack it!!
It's late, Private Practice is on and I still need to pack up the last
of the flicker lights that I just finished painting a little while ago.
Then I think I can FINALLY go to bed.

I will keep in touch MAYBE tomorrow night...if not then
how 'bout Sunday...Good for you?
Have a Blessed Weekend,


  1. oh, it is looking so have been so hard working...hope you really enjoy yourself vending and buying at Winter in the Vally.

    Hope you have a wonderful nights rest...take care and looking forward to your return news and photos.


  2. When we visited Gettysburg and went on their ghost tour, we were told that those orbs in pictures are spirits! Spooooooky, no?! Perhaps you have friends visiting you already??
    Anyway, the place looks wonderful! Good luck at the show -- sounds like such fun!

  3. Good luck and I will see you there....

  4. Wow, you guys have come a long ways on the shop! Can't wait to see it all put together!!! (Especially that "extra great" counter!!!) Have fun at the show and make lots of $$$$. We'll talk soon, Dawn

  5. Lookin good Robin!! Have a great show, can't wait to see some pics!!

  6. Robin, So excited for you, can't wait to see more!!! OLM

  7. Everything is looking so great!! Your new place - WITH A SINK - is going to be terrific.
    Hope the show goes well!

  8. Gals, Robin's shop looks even better in person...can't wait to see it all filled up!

    Hope you had a GREAT show ~

  9. It was so nice to meet you today at the Winter in the Valley show. I love all of my goodies I bought from you. The soaps smell so good and are beautiful. Can't wait to decorate with my bunny & eggs for Easter. Good luck with your new shop. Look forward to visiting it.

  10. Hi was a pleasure to meet you!!! Enjoy the eggs and bunnies and I look forward to seeing you at the shop!! Have a great day