Saturday, February 5, 2011

Date Night....BREAKING NEWS!!!!!!

Hi folks!!!! Hope that you are enjoying your weekend. LOOK at what I got at
"Date Night"!!!! That is an oak Sellar's cabinet...along with one of
the original Sellar's jars. NICE! The 2 child's sand pailsare toooo cute! And I love the child's play iron and board.
I am in LOVE with this Sellars!!! Look at the utensil drawers and that speckle enamel...
be still my heart!!!! AND it has the slide out shelves behing the big door....and the floor bin is
there with all working parts! And a great buy at that!!!
NOW....for my BREAKING news......
Millstone Mercantile
3936 S. Amherst Highway
Amherst, VA 24572
Do you notice anything????
Millstone has an address...
YEP....I am going to open the shop back up around the middle part of March!
We are VERY excited and a little nervous about this new adventure but in my heart
I know Millstone will be a success.
Before I go I do want to say "Thank You" to Lori....
I could not have done it without YOU!!!! get busy on those curtains!!!!
Have a FANTASTIC weekend....I am off to another auction!!


  1. Good Morning Robin,
    I enjoy your blog so much. You seem to be having so much fun in your pursuit of the perfect thing. Good luck with your new venture. I know you will be successful because you have such great luck finding stuff. Wish I lived closer so I could occasionally take advantage of your finds. Although I do not need another thing.

    I would love to take a little day trip in the spring and visit your shoppe and Lori's. That would be great fun. Fredericksburg is not that far away. I am in great need of some relaxation and what could be more relaxing than antiquing.

    Take care.
    Homespun Elegance

  2. So, where exactly is Amhurst, VA? I'd really love to come visit you this spring!

  3. Wow Robin, what a find!! Love that cabinet. Pretty partial to that old box too. I love boxes!!
    Best of luck on your new shop, only wished you were down here in Texas.8-)
    Have a great week-end!!

  4. I agree with those bloggers that want to make a trip there this spring! I love Fredericksburg -- was only there once to take a daughter to visit her boyfriend at Mary Washington College -- but I loved it immediately!
    Good luck on the new shop -- sounds so exciting!

  5. You're welcome Robin...
    (not quite sure what I did to deserve thanks)
    wishing you all the best,

  6. Robin, that's really exciting!! Is that the address of your old shop?? I'm so happy for you!!

  7. Robin, how exciting! I only wish I lived closer for a visit! OLm

  8. What an awesome cabinet! I sure wish I
    lived closer!

    Bear Hugs~Karen

  9. Love the cabinet! And congrats on the shop. I bet you will do just great!

  10. The cabinet is a beauty!! Are you keeping it or is it for sale?? Let me know.

    Have a good rest of the day.

  11. Congratulations on your new home for the shop!
    You have a keen eye for items of interest. Love the drainer with the scoop front.
    Break a leg!

  12. Hi Judy, thank you for the kind comment. The Sellars cabinet is for Sale!!! If interested just e-mail me.