Monday, February 21, 2011

The Date

Some quick shots of the shop....Bunny by Kathy aka King's Island Primitives.
New Primitive Place has arrived STILL waiting on the others.

The Teddy was made by Kathy also...along with the chair. I REALLY like this
Teddy, he just looks soooo old.

My soap, room mist and potpourri, just got back from the shop a few
minutes ago boxing up MORE soap.

Oh YEAH!!!! Date night was Friday night....lookie what I got.
This will travel with me to Kentucky in April....maybe
I really like this piece. Would look great in the shop as extra counter space.
But I am pretty sure it will be making the journey with us. We had a beautiful weekend,
even with the 999 miles an hour gusts of wind on Saturday. O.K. so it was not THAT strong
but I seriously thought my head was going to blow off at one point! I think it was even a little
to strong for kites...the birds loved it. You could just watch them glide through the one
point it looked like one of them kinda "lost his balance"...I swear he did a flip in mid air.
Taking a break today...much needed housework!!!!!
Have a great day
OH YEAH....I almost forgot...
Robin and Lee Harrison would love to have the honor of your presence
at the Grand Re-Opening of
Millstone Mercantile
on Saturday MARCH 5, 2011
from 10-3
3936 South Amherst Highway
Madison Heights, VA 24572


  1. Everything is looking so great. Sure wish I could be at that Grand Re-Opening! Someday... I'm home today cleaning and sorting my supply/craft room and then I'm going to start sewing. We got about 10" of snow yesterday with more on the way. YUK!!! But, before the snow came, we had a GREAT Saturday. Talk to you soon, Dawn

  2. Robin, everything looks great!!! Keep the pictures coming! OLM

  3. Robin, Wow that cupboard is a real GEM!!!! Would love to find some big Ole pieces here in NY!!!!!

  4. Your shop looks great! How could you part with that great piece of furniture -- Love it! Wish I lived close enough to visit you -- maybe I'd bring that baby home with me!!
    Good luck with your Grand Re-Opening -- I'm sure you will have such fun!

  5. It is looking great Robin! You have got to just be having a total blast! :)

  6. Everything looks great! You definately got the touch, girl!! Good luck with the Grand Re-opening! SUE

  7. Oh Robin, I have a real cabinet fetish...I collect them and I love them!!! Where are you going to be taking this in Kentucky in April-and will you be selling it??? It is just wonderful!

  8. Hi Robin, Lookin Good!! I love that bunny!! I would just have to keep that cabinet, could not part with it if I got my hands on it. Keep the pics coming, I love looking!!

  9. Robin, I love everything. I so wish I could come to the grand reopening. You can haul that cupboard right on up to Mi. if you want to. I love it.

  10. Looking good! I so wish I could be there for your opening!

  11. Gee, Robin.......I sure wish I loved close enough to come to your re-opening.
    Maybe I will make it over there sometime this summer.

  12. Robin-

    It's really coming together! Looking great! I would have driven that far for that wonderful cabinet/counter too! Your hard working is really paying off!

  13. Everyting is looking good!! I'm glad I'm just up the road from you! I'll have my Sunflower Stitches goodies to you by Thursday. So glad to be a small part of Millstone Mercantile.

  14. Looks great! What scent are your room mists? Do you have any the scent of the soap I bought from you in Fishersville? That soap makes the house smell so good.

  15. Hi Jonette~ hope you received my e-mail..yes mam I have soap and the room scent of the day is Primitive Gathering. Thank you for your kind words, I really appreciate it. Many Blessings,