Monday, February 7, 2011


...won't you come in?? This is the "new" Millstone...come on, let's go inside
Follow Me... and pardon the mess...
SHOOT this is outa place. This is one of the after!! It is not suppose
to be in this group yet!! This is as you come in the front door to your left.
And it is all primed...not painted yet though.

But this IS NOT!!! A tad bit on the BRIGHT side !! This is the big main room.
Across from those double windows is a faux fireplace with mantel.

Look at that ceiling....
I have NO explination!!!
and this room...words can't describe
O.K. honestly I thought about keeping this meadow room
but in the really is just NOT me!!! This is now the first picture you saw!!

This is the beginning of my little shop. I will show you the rest of
the shop tomorrow, there are a few more rooms.
I am still tired from yesterday, I have not worked like this in a while!!

This is kinda short, but I am so glad that I got to show you the pics of "HOME"...

I do so hope that yo will come back and follow us on this journey.
Have a Blessed Day,


  1. What a great store front with the porch on it! Yeah I can see why you are painting...lots of hard work there to cover all that!!!

  2. I just know that this will be beautiful when you are done with it! LOVE the big front porch outside -- how great will that be to decorate for all the different seasons?!!

  3. Robin -
    It looks WONDERFUL!! Can't wait to come see your finished HOME.
    If you need a break, come hook with us tomorrow.

  4. It is gonna be so cool! Congrats! :) I'm only sad that I'll probably only be able to see it in pictures.... why do you have to be so far away?

    Enjoy & have fun with it!!



  5. WAHOOOO, ROBIN! This is really lookin' great! I know it will be PRIM Perfect when you and Lee get finished with the decor!!

  6. The perfect place for all your goodies,sure to be a great place to visit.


  7. WOO HOO!!!!! I love it! I'd give anything to have a covered porch on our shop. Can't wait to see everything you are going to do. One of these days I AM going to get down there to check it all out in person. Keep the pictures coming, Dawn

  8. COngrats!!!! Robin!! can't wait to see more pictures!!! OLM

  9. Robin, just wanted to say hello. Just came across your blog. Wanted to wish you good luck. My shop is still in progress as we speak. It's sometimes so overwelming you wonder if it'll ever be done and will the finished product be what you expected. If you ever need to chat or just vent, I'll listen. Congrats and good luck!!

  10. Wow, can't wait to see more, yes that prairie room was a little too much! That sure will be a labor of love!

  11. Hi Robin, I LOVE that building!! I can't wait to see what you do on that porch. Congrats on your new home!!