Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Another Sneak Peak.....

This box is beautiful...when we bought it we were told
it was a plumbers box, well it was actually an old
country store slant front desk.  Lee had to add a new slant top
which I think he did an excellent job...

But look what happens when you open it...
love that green OLD store cash drawer. This will be my
new cash drawer for the shows...until it is sold anyway.

Next is this BIG old dough bowl. She measures 21.5 inches across
and has the coolest wear notch on the side. This would look really good
in the middle of your table!!!

Next we have what makes my mouth water.  Many of you know that
I LOVE big painted cupboards and this one fits the bill!
It is roughly 7 ft. tall and has wonderful paint colors coming through.
Yep...even some old blue. The main color is a buttercup, inside is green.
This is not the best picture but you get the idea.
Now you have seen a lot of our booth "stuff" for next weekend.
I hope that you can join us for
Summer In The Valley
This is always one of the best shows...and of course the shopping
is wonderful!!!!

Don't know bout you but I am shopping for real estate in
the Artic!!!!  I am DONE with this heat...and just think
this weekend is the family reunion...I am so glad I am not
tent camping!!! We do have a cabin with a/c.  This will be
Justin's first reunion in 21 years. So we are kinda excited for everyone to
meet him again.

Well friends, I have kept you long enough...
Thank you for your visit to Millstone
see you again soon...


  1. Wowee, great stuff! Have fun at the reunion - and thank God for a/c!! Talk to you soon, Dawn

  2. Robin, I am in love with that bowl!!! OMG!!! I need to sell more dolls!!! OLM

  3. Robin, I so love the old cash drawer. I just couldn't part with it if it were me. Mr. P made us one when we first started shows way back and it has gone thru many transformations. Yours is priceless. Love the cupboard also and the bowl. I have one that looks like that my grandmother taught me to make biscuits in. Have a great time at your renunion and that sale sounds like fun. Wish I lived closer. Have a great evening

  4. Absolutely wonderful stuff! Wish I lived closer : ) Blessings, Shirlee

  5. Beautiful pieces Robin. I love old cupboards with layers of paint too. And that cash box is such a neat find!
    Stay cool, they say the weekends not suppose to be as hot/humid. 8-)

  6. I am so loving these items! You find the best things!
    Have a great reunion. I just love these kinds of get togethers.