Friday, July 29, 2011

Are You Ready For This.....

IT'S HERE!!!!!
Get your drool rag ready!!
Find a cool spot (yeah right!)
Grab a cuppa something
Sit back and

These are fresh off the press and are available
at the shop.

So, it's date night. Can't believe it's Friday...AGAIN
My grandmother used to say that it seemed like everyday was Friday...
being in school at the time I thought she was crazy...Friday was miles away.
But now that I am OLDER...Ya know she was RIGHT!!
It is either Friday...or Christmas! Yep I said it!
4 months to go...guess what?
I am FINISHED shopping!!!  wooohooo!!!!
WELL...when all you give is gift cards it doesn't take much!!

Have a Blessed to you 'prolly Sunday!


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