Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Hasn't He GROWN!!!

This is the same sweet LITTLE kitty we brought home
with us from Lori's last fall. Remember he was in a little bread crock??
He is a handsome fellow now.

                He has a coat of almost glass...shiny and it seems like you can see your
reflection.  He makes the BEST dust mop!!! Throw that piece of paper
under furniture and he will go get it...well it's the only way I can figure out how to clean up under some really low furniture!!!
He has his mouse...the one that is soaking wet!
Let me explain...flying up the steps onto the bed...staring!!
All of a sudden the most horrific M-E-O-W EVER...I am now sitting
straight've heard of animals giving signs of all kinds of things so I am thinking the world is coming to an end. Prancing and return to sleep.
O.K. Eli I am coming...what's down the stairs and into the den...there in
the bowl of water....HIS MOUSE. YUK, I shake it out and it will not shut up!
It's one of those activation for the next 7 hours it squeaks...
He carries it from room to room crying, will NOT let the dogs near it and tries
to bury it in his cat liter.  I found it out on the front porch...Lee "accidentally"
kicked it out there so there so HE would not hear it anymore...poor
Eli sat at the front door meowing....
Today the mouse is dry...still works...
and Eli is a Happy Cat once more!!

Yep, if that is not an exciting life I do not know what is!!!  LOL

Have a great day!


  1. He is a beautiful cat, love his coat.
    Mine make the dust, wish I could get them to dust, lol.


  2. Poor Eli...I'm so glad his mouse is all better :) This story is priceless!!!

  3. Robin, such a cute story. You made me smile. Poor Eli and his mouse. Glad all is well today and everyone is happy! Have a great evening.
    Thru Nanas Window

  4. Aww!!!! he is so cute and I loved your story.

  5. What a cute story!
    Eli is a very pretty cat. Glad he got his mouse back!
    Prim Blessings

  6. Just checking to see if I can post.