Friday, July 1, 2011

He Is At It Again...

....playing with stuff!!
Give Lee a stencil and paint and he does not do to bad!!

I love what he added to plain old crocks!!   I really would like to
keep the one with the bird, heck I do not care if it not the "real" thing...
this fits the purpose for me!!!!
The back of the big one has a crack and has been repaired but the
smaller canning crock is o.k.
Job WELL DONE honey!!!!

Soooo, whats going on? Anything earth shattering happening in
your corner of the world??  Mine is pretty much the same.
I see Vicky got to hold little Oliver for the first time...congrats!!!
(see blog on side)
Dawn from Holly Hills lives in the coolest little town...
(see blog on side) to find out more
Lori is always got stuff going on at the farm...
yep...see blog on side.  Find out all about
Iggy...such a cutie!!

O.K. friends, I am off to make some summer time banners
and gates.
Have a blessed day and if traveling....


  1. The crocks look great ... I wouldn't have known that wasn't the original artwork : ) Blessings, Shirlee

  2. I am loving the stencil work! Just prim perfect. If I send my plain crocks your way, maybe he could transform them into works of art for me????

  3. WOW! you were right!
    He did a fantastic job...
    Love the bird!

  4. Wow -- great job by Lee! A talented man, to be sure!!!

  5. You are blessed to have such a talented man in your life, the crocks turned out well, love the bird. Can't wait to see your summer banners. Been cleaning out sewing room and starting on fall items, a few shops I sew for will need them by end of August. Closed my booth on Monday, nice to have that done. Hope you and your family have a happy 4th. Vicky

  6. WOW!!!!...You should give lee a paintbrush more often...No telling what he would come up hanging around the house and working on some Fall x-stitch pieces and enjoying summer....My 4 year old will be back in school in about 5 weeks...UGH! where has this summer gone???~~Happy 4th~~hugs,Jen

  7. What a wonderful idea.
    Love the crocks!

  8. Wow! Tell Lee congrats on a job well done. One more day and it's time to head to the Little House for 3 restful days - Woo Hoo!!! Can't wait to set on the deck with a big glass of iced tea and come country books. Have a wonderful 4th, Dawn PS Thanks for the mention!

  9. What a wonderful idea ,love how they turned out! Have a great weekend! Hugs,Jen