Sunday, July 31, 2011

Just An Old Door????

NOT!!!  Lee turned this old meat house door into
a wonderful saw buck table. It is now in my kitchen.
Take a peek...

The underside of the table.

Date night was Friday night...and aside from being about
200 degrees in the auction house, we had a good time.
One of the things that we did buy was this awesome crock.
Both of us love crocks...this will probably stay in the home.

I will show you the rest of the "goodies" at another time...
they are all at the shop.

Aside from putting the saw buck table together, today is pretty slow.
We did finally manage to get some rain which was nice. 
Something about the rumbles of gentle thunder and hearing the rain makes it cozy
feeling inside, and Tinsley is wonderful to snuggle down with!
He and I were in the other bed...
SOMEBODY was snoring!!!!

Here is hoping that you are having a lazy, comfortable day!
Thank you for your visit.



  1. Robin,
    Your table is absolutely wonderful! Love that old screen door on your pantry too. You find the best antiques. I would keep that crock if I were you too! Look forward to seeing your other finds.

  2. I LOVE YOUR TABLE!!! We have a huge, wide old board that I'd love Dick to do something like that with. Went to see Gan today and then went shopping and found a couple pair of capri jeans - on sale. Now home to relax a bit. Have a great Sunday, Dawn

  3. Lee can do ANYTHING!! What a cool table.
    Hope you're coping with the heat. It looks like there's no end in sight.

  4. Great table! Love that crock, and your kitchen!

  5. Oh I am jealous! Love that beautiful table ,the crock is pretty awesome too.Hugs,Jen

  6. Hi Robin, OH MY GOODNESS, love the table, looks really nice in your kitchen. Love how you did the blue. I really like the crock. Can't wait to see your other goodies. Vicky

  7. LOVE the table!!!! Great idea about using a table.