Monday, July 18, 2011


Yep, we all survived another family reunion. I will not bore you
with pictures of people that you do not know, but I will show you
Justin and Lee.

It rained Saturday and it was "COLD". Like sweatshirt cold.
Loved it!!!
By the time the family dinner rolled around the rain was gone
but the fire sure did feel good.

Now it is on to the home shop to get ready for the show this weekend!!
Lee and I are looking forward to seeing everyone...
Are YOU coming??
I think we will have something for every one's taste!!

Have a blessed day my friends
and thank you for your visit.

P.S. Remember I said I would not bore you with pictures from the reunion?
I will not lie to you...actually the above picture is the ONLY picture
I took!!


  1. Glad you're back and had a good time. Don't you just LOVE that cooler weather for a break? It has been beyond hot here this weekend and is supposed to continue all week. YUK!!! Wish I was coming to that show... Dawn

  2. Hi Robin,
    Our family reunion was this past Saturday in Arkansas and it was 100 on both Friday and Saturday!!!! Our clothes and bodies were as wet as if we dunked in a pool!

    Glad you enjoyed yours and that the weather cleared up from the rain!


  3. Robin, Glad everyone had a great time...BUT oh sweatshirt weather!?!?!? Oh that sounds wonderful with the humidity it felt like 100 today! UGH! OLM

  4. Oh Robin, please send that cold down here to Texas!! And rain if you have some to spare.
    Glad you had a great time at the reunion!!
    Wish I could come to that show.