Wednesday, July 27, 2011

A Full House....

...or should I say shop!
Enjoy the small sampling of Millstone..
we have make-do's, cupboards, a beautiful original blue color blanket chest,
a huge rail road cupboard
and all kinds of smalls.

I hope that you enjoyed the small sampling of our little shop.

Today is my first day "back at work".  I have really missed the shop although
I must admit I sure did accomplish a lot at home...
played with pups
played with Eli
caught up on blogs
held down the couch
celebrated Lee's birthday...
SEE I TOLD you I did a lot!!!!!

Have a Fantastic day!


  1. I love everything! You will have a wonderful time getting reaquainted with your shop:) SUE

  2. Wow great shop , now if it was just closer! lol just my luck! Glad you enjoyed the time off, now enjoy your week back at work! hugs lil raggedy angie