Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Can You Guess

Who is that sticking his little paw out of my CLEAN laundry????Why it's me.....Eli! He is a sweet heart...when he is sleeping
cause when he is awake he is the devil!!! Poor Tinsley is terrorized and chased constantly, the water bottle really does not phase this kitty. Hopefully SOON he will grow out of this stage.

Well...Goodmorning to you...the sun is out and it is beautiful here this morning. After a much needed gray, dreary day yesterday....translation>nothing got done except for watching old movies on t.v.< Lee is getting ready to head out soon as friends will be here soon from W.Va. They are sooo excited, they have not hunted together in many many years. I personally think they will do more gossiping than hunting!! Today will be spent ordering candles and praying they can be in for the Open House....yeah I forgot. They are usually pretty good about shipping for me and doing a few more Christmas Cones of which I will show you tomorrow. AND tomorrow is HAIR day!!!!!! I just can't be "natural" I have GOT to put some color...right now ANY color would be nice! this hair. I thought I could do it, no way, I want my blonde highlights back!! So while I am out tomorrow I will be forced to go to the Goodwills and a few of the consignment stores...yeah someone will be twisting my arm to pull into those parking lots!! Lately I have found nothing that I had to they seem to have a funk time where you are?
Well, I am being paged...Lee can't find the stuff I put in the freezer for him....uhmmm....I bet if he opened the FREEZER door he would find it...whatcha think?
Have a blessed day friends,


  1. Lee sounds like my Hubby, can never find anything and I just walk in to the room and see it. Men!! 8-)
    Hope you find some goodies tomorrow!!

  2. LOL about Lee. It's a man thing for sure! LOL!

    And Eli is absolutely adorable!!!! Even if he is a bad kitteh!!!!

    Carmen and the Primcats

  3. Oh Robin, I just love that Eli of yours!! And it takes at least a couple of years for them to grow out of those ways. I know for sure, my Spaz is still going strong and she is going 3!! Have a great day!


  4. Your kitty looks like my Chum, he is
    about 7 months old, now and he is a
    terror, but I wouldn't trade him for

    Bear Hugs~Karen

  5. Hey Girl!
    We need to ban together and start a Terrorized by your Kitty? Support Group....
    I fear for my Christmas ornaments safety!

  6. Love the pictures of that sweet little devil, Eli!
    And...what is it with men? Is it against their rules to look under or behind something when they are searching??

  7. Hi Robin! Give me a call at the shop when you get a chance (248/634-7040) and we can talk about some wholesale. Thanks, Dawn