Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Looking Up.....

in my kitchen that is. Good morning to you all. Only 24 hours until I reach a milestone
in my life....."50"!!!!! Just wanted to show you a few kitchen shots...hope you enjoy.
Have you received your new Jill Peterson book "Homecoming"? Mine came yesterday...and I have devoured that book. But the very last house, Creekside Farm, stole my heart. Lee and I are both ready to move into their home...well they have 5500 square feet. I don't think they will notice us!! It looks so peaceful and that, or I should say those, log cabins are FANTASTIC! Lee is ready to move...NOW, but only into an old log cabin. It would be kinda cool as long as it had more than one room and modern stuff...like plumbing.
Today is going to be spent in the home shop...yesterday was spent shopping for out trip. I am sooo looking forward to some "Girl Time". I have not had any of that in 7 years. Lee and I have only been apart 1 other time since we were married. I don't count hunting...actually being in another state without each other. Until I started Millstone we were actually together 24/7/365 for 6-7 years....and still stayed married!!!! It's ALL GOOD! Just need a little some shopping time with the girls. HOWEVER.... I DO think we are going to need a u-haul for the trip back home. You hear that don't you Lori??! Just remember that UPS ships!!!! sooooooo
Have a blessed day my friends.


  1. Lucky girl! I'd give anything to be going to the Simple Goods show! Oh yeah, you will be needing a u-haul. Can't wait to see pictures of what you get AND more pictures of your great kitchen! Have a good day, Dawn

  2. Robin, you MUST take lots of pictures, I have always wanted to go to this show, someday, I need to just do it!
    Just started homecoming last night, OMG!
    Happy B-day early! OLM