Thursday, November 18, 2010

The Light Is Red.....

and you know what that means....
Yep...dead camera battery, so you will have to wait to see the cones, however I will tell you that do do look pretty cute.
Tomorrow. I promise.
It is count down time until I go and get my brains plucked out by a sadistic woman with a crochet hook...and to think I am actually looking forward to it!!!!
So...are you cooking the big meal next week? Or are you taking off going to visit family and friends elsewhere? I am cooking this year...this will be Justin's first Thanksgiving here with us and I am really looking forward to having him and my family here. Maybe after dinner we can start a new tradition by decorating one of the Christmas trees. I just hope it is cold and we can have the fireplace going. Last Friday the radio station that I listen to started playing Christmas Carols at exactly 3 pm, so I have had the carols going in the house and the car and trying really hard to figure out one very important thing.....
It just seems like it was just here the other week.
Not only is it Christmas...but another New Year is almost upon us.
I REALLY want to go to Las Vegas or Nags Head for the New Year. I think that would be fun,
to be someplace different for a change. That way we may actually see the New Year come in...LOL Ya know, just a few short years ago Lee and I would dance the night away at the Moose and ring in the New Year...golly...what happened?
Thanks friends for stopping by and listening to me ramble on about nothing really.
Enjoy your day.


  1. Good morning. Don't you hate it when your batter is dead??? We are going to have a pretty quiet Thanksgiving dinner, all of the kids are going to the other "in-laws" this year and I want to spend most of the afternoon with my dad. They will all come for dessert later in the afternoon though, so that will be fun. Our New Year's Eve is generally spent up at our cottage and we barely make it until the ball drops. Have a great day, Dawn

  2. Hey Robin, hope you still have some of your brains.8-) We are having our family feast on Sunday, tomorrow. Already started on what could be done early. Looking forward to all my family being together again, two sons, two DIL's and 8 or the 9 grandkids will all be here. Lots of noise and lots of fun!!8-)
    Have a great day and post a pic of your new hair-do.